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  1. Hello! I' ve been using your video for a long time and I'm very happy with the results but now I feel that I need something harder and I've been looking for ir in all the videos but I couldn't say if theres one:(
    If you read me I would apreciate a lot if you could tell me wich one is what I'm looking for!
    Thanks a lot for your amazing work!! 😉

  2. Day 1
    Day 2 💪
    Day 3 🔥
    Day 4
    Day 5
    Day 6 🙌
    Day 7 ❤️
    Day 8
    Day 9
    Day 10 🔝
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 13
    Day 14 😅
    Day 15
    Day 16
    Day 17
    Day 18
    Day 19
    Day 20
    Day 21
    Day 22
    Day 23
    Day 24 ❤️
    Day 25
    Day 26

  3. I love when I find Fraser’s videos I can’t finish without resting more frequently! Makes me more motivated to earn that legend at the end next time around!!

  4. Okok I saw someone else do this so here goes starting april 25th (Monday) I will do this for a month straight every morning/night and will update everyone on my journey wish me luck!
    Day 1 morning/midday :feeling good felt like giving up but stuck thru it wish me luck for later!

  5. That was fast..!! Thanks Wilson for clapping for me personally and guys, keep it out. You will receive the same response by Wilson! 😜

  6. Welp, time to do 30 days as well. I’m definitely not what people would call fit, just slender, quite tall. But I do believe I can make my abs show with a bit of effort ! Gotta get that beach body before summer ! (btw, I can feel my abs, they just ain’t showing since Christmas has been quite… well Christmas)

    DAY 1: Done ! I have to practice a few exercises, but I’ll eventually get there ! Was rough, ain’t gonna lie. But with practice and just enough will, I’ll be called a Legend tomorrow as well
    DAY 2: Done ! Practiced, focused on the exercices I had trouble doing, and I think I mastered most of them, but I’ll have to check tomorrow to see if I still can be constant with them. This one felt harder, still had some soreness from the day before. But we ain’t stopping now, that’s for sure !
    DAY 3: Done ! Did the 10min workout instead, kind of on a rush. Did its job !

  7. You are such a legend mate thanks so much I'm challenging myself to do this for a month. edit: I'm gonna do 90 days

    Day 3: I'm getting super into it.

    Day 4: Its so good for commitment and I can barely do it which makes me want to do it more.

    Day 5: I finally conquered heel taps, and now I feel great even if my abs are dead.

    Day 6: REST

    Day 7: I feel a bit stronger and my abs might be a tiny bit bigger I'm not sure.

    Day 8: noice

    Day 9: still seeing a little bit of improvement and I always try to have a banana after, a large glass of water and I eat protein edition weetabix for breakfast

    Day 10: my abs are a little bit bigger I'm sure and I'm so glad I started doing this

    Day 11: noice

    Day 12: my abs are bigger for sure. Barely bigger, but still bigger. Rest day tomorrow!

    Day 13: rest day

    Day 14: another rest day

    Day 15: let's goooooo we got this about halfway I guess, I might do it longer if I want to though.

    Day 16: d o n e

    Day 17: d o n e

    Day 18: yeah, I think they are growing a little bit

    Day 19: very nice! I feel like doing some shoulder workouts as my shoulders are in agony at the end and don't seem to be improving.

    Day 20: d o n e

    Day 21: rest day

    Day 22: let's get ittt

    Day 23: my cat woke up whilst I was doing it and was trying to make me stroke him

    Day 24: one day I will have a beautiful 6 pack and arms. (My legs are already satisfactory)

    Day 25: soooo tired, rest day.

    Day 26: I'm doing this, I have no idea how some people are saying they have a big six pack in just 30 days but I reckon I will by 90. (I'm doing it till 90 days).

    Day 27: n o i c e

    Day 28: rest day

    Day 29: I think my abs are 15 percent larger than before, maybe 25 percent, but they were small at the start, but still GAINS lol

    Day 30: rest day, I had rugby training that was very fitness intensive and included press ups

    Day 31: did it but had a sore leg

    Day 32: rest day for my leg but did some press ups and sit ups and stuff

    Day 33: did it but took it gently

    Day 34: did it but had a sore throat which is a pain

    Day 35: did it and it was chill

    Say 36: did it c h i l l

  8. I saw someone else do this so I will too…
    I'm gonna do this for 31 days and keep it posted.

    Day 1 FINISHED my chest was killing me

    Day 2. Just finished had a big struggle because I did it high and too tired

    Day 3. Finished but had a hard time for the last few

    Day 4. I finished but really didn't feel like doing it and cheated a little on the core workouts

    Day 5. Finish not much happened but completed

    Day 6. Finished it got very hard at the end but I pulled through

    Day 7. Almost forgot to do workout so had to do and night and had a hard time

    Day 8. Finished its definitely getting easier and I can see a small difference in the top part of my chest

    Day 9. I did the hardest one so far and I feel soo exasausded from that.

    Day 10. Finished… I almost forgot so I did at 3am… I'm starting to see some change for sure

    Day 11. Finished did it late at night and cheated a little on the mountain climbers.

    Day 12. Finished just a normal day did it at 5 aclock.

    Day 13. Finished did it a little late at night but still pust in a lot of work and I feel really exhausted

    Day 14. Finished. It's definitely get alot easier to do everyday.

    Day 15. Finished did it at a friend's house. And almost forgot but still did it

    Day 16. Finished.. did at 5 am so very tired

    Day 17. Finished not much happened today finished all

    Day 18.finished I'm pretty proud of myself that I have accomplished 18 says so far and I might continue till 90 days

    Day 19. Finished at 13 minutes was so tired

    Day 20. Finished did pretty well very tired normal day

    Day 21. Finished did it late at night so very tired.

    Day 22. Finished I'm starting to have more energy and want to workout more… and can see a diffrence

    Day 23. Finished almost I has stoned on indica so couldn't make It for the last couple minutes

    Day 24. Finished went fine pretty tired

    Day 25. Finished at 25 days.. glad I made it this far.

    Day 26. Finished felt pretty good I'm gonna eat and do a arm workout

    Day 27. Finished work really hard and kinda felt sick after but drank water.

    Day 28. Finished it was Nearly forgot did not feel like doing it finished though.

    Day 29. Finished really slacked off on the last few.

    Day 30. finaly finished day 30 I'm really proud and I'm gonna continue for adleast 90 days

    Day 31. Finished just a normal day

    Day 33. Finished did it high at 12 found it fun actually

    Day 34. Finished went fine normally day found it fun but hard.

    Day 35. Finished almost forgot. Did it at 1 am and it woke me up

    Day 36. Finished I almost forgot again

    Day 37. Finished I didn't do 2 of them because I was so tired.

    Day 38. Finished. Was super fun actually.

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