LEGS And GLUTES Home Workout | MEN & WOMEN

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32 thoughts on “LEGS And GLUTES Home Workout | MEN & WOMEN

  1. Yeah theres a difference between the pumped gym guy and the functional musclestrengh athletes.
    Especially with your own weight you can get a strong athlete

  2. hello sir just want to tell you that I really appreciate what you are showing us on tube. thks very much during confinement we cannot go to gym so are very happy to have you this a lot for all

  3. One of my favourite videos 💜 I feel the burn in all the exercises, while I am able to complete them.
    But when I did calf raises and reverse I felt nothing.
    Definitely the books are needed for the calf raises…! I immediately felt the difference, thanks Chris.

    **Also, I am not always feeling the burn when I do side lunges. Is it really important to flex the foot? Maybe I'm forgetting to flex it…**

  4. Thanks for sharing the video. One small request – please can you not move your camera a lot while you are working out. It gives me a strain in my eyes to focus on you, also its a very close up video that prevents me from viewing your overall body movement.

  5. Hey bro I'm 14 years old and working out every day now I've lost five pounds in a month and you have inspired me to push myself to the limits trust me when I say you deserve your respect and success thank you so much for making it easier for us all and showing us the path of weight loss we appreciate you man

  6. I have a doubt actually I am having love handles can I do these workouts will these workouts help me to reduce them or should I do all types of workouts in order to reduce them. By all types I mean chest workout shoulder legs and many of them

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