1. Quite easy on paper, but it takes a dedicated mindset, cut out ALL sugar from your diet, and increase protein significantly and watch the amazing gradual change! 😉
    I don't agree with not having salt in your diet, maybe some can do without, but swapping my previously consumed loads of sugar for salt is a game/- AND lifechanger! Both for mental clearness and blood pressure (apparently, as my doctor got surprised when I had my bloodwork done, she even raised her eye brows when I said I eat about 5 eggs every day with LOTS of salt, and still have a stable 110 through 60 in blood pressure)
    And not to forget, salt is a SUPER aspirin against getting headaches! 😁👍

  2. Doesn't get any clearer message than that, love your videos so far!
    "They DO NOT target this area for fat burn…!!!" Plain and simple…👍😁👍😁👍
    I've experienced first hand that with VERY LOW to NO training and exercise, only through diet change, I managed to lose over 30 kilos in about 3 years and I've never felt better, and NOW I'm back hitting the gym for the physical stuff like muscle training… 😁👍

  3. EPOC. I have lower back / belly fat to lose. So, I've started doing cardios and building abs for two weeks. (so glad I have a lot of muscle) If I hear you correctly just continue doing cardios to burn fat?
    Thanks for the mapped instructions. I'll let you know of my progress.

  4. @Simeon Panda It’s a familiar argument; one that shouldn’t be: Muscle Training or Cardio? The answer is BOTH! I’m trying to do what you did in the Video Clip, but then afterwards, take a long walk or go cycling, though I know I need to run a little more!😂 And yeah, I’m trying to work on my diet too.

  5. Awesome conversation. While he hits it on the head about it being more about fat intake (diet) and cardio (fat burning,) he fails to mention body type (genetics) as a huge part of the equation. he showed off his awesome waistline while saying he's never done a woodchop or sidebend but his body type is super athletic while mine is more boxy. Even with low fat intake and lots of cardio, on my best day, my waist would never look like that. I'm not knocking it, just wanting to add to the conversation to to help those like myself who have strived for bodytypes that are not attainable. We have to be realistic with our ideals.

  6. Key points of the video.

    1. You can’t target the love handles.
    2. You have to lose fat overall to lose those handles.
    3 weight training + cardio is the most effective.

    Saved you 10 minutes. Thank me later

  7. It may not help with spot reduction but doing core exercises does help with losing inches. I eat right and train. I do hiit, I’m on a diet regimen. And i lose wright in every area bit my core. I dont even lose inches until I add core exercises. Its crazy cause this lil pudge just sit here 🥲🥲🥲🤣🤣🤣

  8. Man I wanna small waist and square up mid section too like this man lol but he's right reduce the fat enough but at the same time is still target those section to strengthen the mid section as well as compound lifts that engages the entire core

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