7 Minute BUTT & LEGS Home Workout | NO EQUIPMENT

Follow along with Casi Davis as she shows you a 7 Minute BUTT & Home . Do This Home…


42 thoughts on “7 Minute BUTT & LEGS Home Workout | NO EQUIPMENT

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  2. I'm sincerely sorry on behalf of my gender. Men, we can all be better than these comments.

    This looks like a fantastic workout! I'll be trying to follow along to this a couple times a week 👌. I had herniated a couple of discs which caused me to have sciatica several years ago, and my glutes got pretty weak during the long rest/recovery period. My weak glutes affected my hips and knees pretty badly, and I've been working on them, but feeling pretty stagnant for awhile using the exercies I know and that I learned from physio. This looks like it could be the push I need to get them feeling really strong like they used to 💪. Thank you @Casidavis

  3. Casi, Thank you so much for this video, I loved it and I love that you also share your knowledge about the muscles and what each exercise is doing for them. Thank you!! ♥

  4. Imagine if girls who like Chris where half as gross in his video's comments. If you are so much of a desperate teenager you can't tell the difference porn and a workout video apart please don't let us all know in the comments. You are the reason girls hate working out in public.

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