30 Minute Glutes Burner Workout | IGNITE – Day 4

Welcome to DAY of my IGNITE Program! Want to help me change more lives and get a new


41 thoughts on “30 Minute Glutes Burner Workout | IGNITE – Day 4

  1. Welcome to the workout today everyone and welcome to day 4 of the IGNITE program! I am so happy to have you here and if you are just joining me, make sure if you got any value from this workout that you click here to subscribe! It helps out channel reach more people and most importantly change more lives! THANK YOU! http://www.youtube.com/c/sydneycummings

    Don't forget if you haven't already to purchase your workout calendar for this month to know whats coming and stay accountable! https://www.royalchange.fit/store/p144/IGNITE_January_2021_Workout_Calendar.html

  2. This workout was a bit easier today than it was the morning I delivered my son almost 7 months ago!! 😁 Excited to continue this program the rest of the month while Sydney and Dustin are honeymooning since I didn’t get to do it in January! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  3. I loved loved this glute workout!!! I am so proud of the butt I’m gaining bc I never realized how helpful having strong glutes are in daily life. It’s helped my chronic leg and back pain so much!

  4. I know I will feel the glutes later AGH! I also know that Sydney's inspirational words at the end are always relevant to how I'm feeling at the moment. Thanks from Toronto Canada!

  5. Silent subscriber and fan here. I joined a contest here in PH (body transformation) and on my 4th day in this program. I hope im not late since this program ended yesterday, and i never finished any program here ever since 🥺 thankyou sydney for your daily motivational msg every workout. I crushed this work out btw 😅

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