EASY 10 Minute Dinner Recipes | Healthy Dinner Ideas

EASY 10 Minute Dinner Recipes | Healthy Dinner Ideas

Welcome back, I’m Nicole. If you’re new here, hello welcome, so before happened to today’s, recipe video! I just want to say hello how you guys doing, I feel like I never just get to like sit and chat.

This is why I like vlogs, because they’re, so casual and just real, and I feel like the recipe videos are so like formal, and I’m like hi here’s, the recipe, let’s, hop Right in but yeah how you guys doing hello so as today’s, video, I’m, really excited .

We filmed for 10-minute dinner recipes. I was originally gonna try to do five minutes, but then I it was just not enough time really. I wanted to do some really . Options for dinner that still took like don’t, take a lot of time, but take more than five minutes.

So we’re, calling them 10-minute dinner meals and they’re so delicious when I was creating them with my friend, Andrea who is our new. I would just brought her on as our new recipe developer and copywriter so say, hello, Andrea in the comments down below she’s awesome and we were cooking these up in the kitchen and they were so good like we’re eating Them we’re like wow this.

This took ten minutes so good, like some of them are less than 10 minutes. So I’m, really excited and I can’t wait for you guys to try them out for yourselves. You’re gonna, like fall in love on today’s menu.

We are making a chickpea curry. Next up we have a cashew chicken stir-fry. Then we have some cauliflower cauliflower tacos and last them at least. We have a bootable. All four of them are so good. I don’t even know which one’s.

My favorite, you guys decide. Let me know at the end which one you think tastes the best. Alright, let’s, hop right in and let’s get cooking. First up we have my creamy chickpea curry in a large nonstick skillet on medium to high heat.

You’re gonna add in your olive oil chopped red onion garlic, which I’m, just gonna actually grate on my little ceramic grater. Here I’ve, been loving. This thing I will link it down below. I’m, also gonna do the exact same thing with some raw ginger ooh.

I’m just gonna grate it to finely mince it, and then you’re, just gonna saute everything for a minute before adding in your spices, we have some curry coriander cumin chili powder and paprika. I like to saute the spices just to bring out the flavor, and then I’m gonna add in my chickpeas, these are just canned chickpeas.

I also have some diced tomatoes from the can, as well as some coconut milk, also from the cans. This is basically all your pantry staples in a pot cook together, stir everything together and just let it simmer for all the flavors to come together.

At this point, you can also season it with some salt and pepper to your liking during the last minute, or so I like to add in a couple of handfuls of fresh greens, while they’re, baby, spinach or kale just to add in some Extra leafy greens into your food and it just kind of wilts right in there.

It’s, a great way to sneak some extra greens into your meal to serve. I love enjoying this with some cooked basmati rice or quinoa, or you can even have it on its own. It’s, so versatile and hearty I like to garnish mine with fresh cilantro.

Although plant-based, this is a really hearty meal and perfect for meatless Mondays or to pack leftovers for lunch the next day there you have it a super flavorful, chickpea, curry, cooked in a tomato coconut sauce with all the perfect spices dinner number two is my cashew chicken Stir-Fry now, when it comes to recreating my favorite takeout dishes, I always like to make my own sauce in a small bowl.

I’m gonna add in some honey, tamari chili paste grated ginger toasted sesame oil, which I may or may not have a Costco size of it in my kitchen, but it’s. My favorite thing I love adding it to Asian stir fries, so I’m gonna mix it all up and then to add in my air root powder, I like to first add in the liquid to the bowl with a root powder whisk.

It up so it dissolves it before adding it into the large pot. This is just so you don’t, get any lumps of flour and it just kind of dissolves evenly whisk everything until well, combined and set aside now for the part in a large nonstick skillet on medium to high heat.

You’re, going to heat up your oil and because we got 10 minutes, we’re, going to use some precooked chicken strips. You can buy this already cooked at the grocery store. I’m, also gonna use a pre chopped vegetable mix that you can also find at most grocery stores.

Nowadays, this one has a mixture of zucchini carrots, peppers, cabbage onions, you name it and then I’m just adding in some water. This is gonna help everything cook up and not burn without adding any extra oil.

The trick to a great stir-fry is keeping it on high heat, while stirring, consistently that way. Your veggies stay nice and bright and crunchy without overcooking and becoming soggy. Go ahead and add in your sauce stir that in and then we’re gonna add in our raw unsalted cashews, and I love adding cashews.

They have such a nice of buttery crunch and they’re, just gonna absorb all that delicious saucy goodness and to be honest, there’s, just something chicken and cashews in a stir-fry that I can’t resist.

You can enjoy the stir-fry on its own or serve it with rice or quinoa, or in this case I have some soba noodles that I cooked up and then for a little garnish. I added on some toasted sesame seeds. I know you’re gonna love.

This homemade take out version of cashew chicken, especially the sauce it’s, so good you won’t even believe you made it at home. All you have to do is master the chopsticks and you’re all set. Next up.

We have my simple cauliflower tacos. We’re first gonna start by steaming our cauliflower. You can buy it already chopped up in florets at the store. I just chopped it a little bit smaller into bite-sized pieces.

I will link this bamboo steamer that I’m using down below in the info box. First, we’re gonna prepare it the slaw, so everything can marinate. While we work on the cauliflower and a large bowl, I have some pre chopped, kale slaw, add in some lime juice mayonnaise, I like using vegenaise, but you can use any one that you prefer honey for a little touch of sweetness and then just give it a Toss until everything is well coated, the sauce is gonna give it a really nice sweet and tangy creamy dressing, and it’s.

Gon na go really well with the tacos in a large nonstick skillet on medium to high heat. You’re gonna heat up your oil, add in your steamed cauliflower, some water and your spices. I have some chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, ground, cumin, black pepper and sea salt.

This is basically a quick DIY. Taco seasoning forget those packages at the grocery store. It’s, so easy to make right at home. Give it a good stir. Until all the spices are well combined onto the cauliflower, the water will help it stick and steam cover and let it steam and cook for all the flavors to come together to assemble.

I have some corn tortillas, I just warmed up on a hot pan, top them with the coleslaw. Our cauliflower meets ripe avocado that I just cubed up and some fresh cilantro and there you have it simple, cauliflower tacos that are perfect for Taco Tuesday or for meatless Monday, as cauliflower is just a great neat substitute.

Last but not least, we have my rainbow tempeh bootable, so we’re gonna use that bamboo steamer again and steam our broccoli. So same thing. You can buy pre-chopped broccoli florets at the grocery store, which just saves you time when you’re cooking, a quick ten minute meal on the second layer, I’m gonna add in some frozen edamame.

I just love. Having this on hand to easily throw it into meals, and it steams up really quickly, you can also boil these if you want, but I personally like to speed them for the dressing we’re making one of my super simple, tahini dressings.

All it is, is some tahini lemon juice, water, a pinch of sea salt and black pepper, and you’re done. All you have to do is whisk it up with a fork until everything combines and gets really creamy, and you have a super simple, lemon tahini dressing that you can put on almost anything in a large nonstick skillet on medium to high heat.

We’re gonna heat up our oil, and I have some free slice, pre-marinated tempeh strips here, which I it’s. Now my new favorite thing I’m obsessed and they cook up in minutes about two minutes per side to be exact until you get like a nice golden texture, I like getting the pre marinated strips just to save you time and they work really Great for quick meals once the tempeh is done cooking you can remove them from the pan and to save time you can use the exact same pan with the leftover oil throw in some chopped up kale, and I’m just gonna add in A little bit of water just to kind of help it soften and cook up, give it a stir and just cook it for a couple minutes until it’s slightly wilted and to the base of this Buddha bowl, we’re gon Na use some pre cooked quinoa, I always like to cook up some type of grain.

In the beginning of the week during my meal prep, add your broccoli finely shredded red cabbage, sauteed, kale, edamame, tempeh and then for garnish. I have some pickled ginger that works really well with this combination and then just drizzle on your tahini dressing.

I love making Buddha bowls because they satisfy my indecisive mind from having to pick just one flavor to being able to eat the rainbow. Now. Usually, I do a taste test around this time of the video, but I packed everything up in containers.

A lot of you guys asked what we do with the food once we’re done filming and usually we just have it packed in the fridge. It’s like our weekly meal prep, I’ll, show you so right now I have the cauliflower tacos packed in here.

I have the Buddha bowls packed and usually that’s. What Matt has for lunch and that’s? What I’ll have for lunch. What I’m, like working during the week so yeah I won,’t, be doing you taste tests, but I promise you.

They’re delicious. I’ve tasted them. My sister’s, tasted them andreas tasted them matt has and they are all approved by the health net team. So I know you guys will love them. Let me know in the comments down below which one you think is your favorite, which one you’re most excited to make don’t forget to sign up for our in a nutshell, newsletter.

A link will be down below in the info box. I would be sending out a new newsletter on the 1st of September September and along with the giveaway winner. So if you guys want to be entered into the giveaway make sure you’re signed up and that’s, gonna, be it for today guys.

Thank you so much also, so I know I feel like I’m. Being sick and sounding sniffily and I don’t have allergies, so I don’t know what’s going on. I hope not because our health nut meetup is this Sunday, which you’ll, see in a vlog.

If you’re, not coming it’s, gonna be so much fun. We’re, going stand up, paddle paddle boarding it’s in Toronto on the beach watching the sunset, something so cute, so can’t wait and during. If you couldn’t make it or you’re, not in this area.

You can live vicariously through it in the vlog that will be coming up couple weeks. So, thank you so much sorry for the blubbery, intro and outro, but I love you guys so much and I can’t wait to see you guys in my next video what hi guys probably have lipstick all the hands.

Okay, bye,


45 thoughts on “EASY 10 Minute Dinner Recipes | Healthy Dinner Ideas

  1. Now I won’t have to beg my mother to cook for me, because she’ll only say,” you’re old enough to cook for yourself,
    There’s things in the kitchen you can make food with.” 😃

  2. I just done the chickpeas curry and it's delicious, love it. The only other thing I added is paneer. Thanks Nikole. I'm 3 months pregnant and you give me the best food and snacks ideas, I believe I watched all your videos 🙂 love it.

  3. In what world is this 10 mins? Doesnt include chopping and prep! And certainly not clean up of every kitchen utensil y ou would use for all of these ingredients. Also, expensive long list of ingredients.

  4. Every German watching the video:

    – usually >5 minutes until you have all the ingredients (chopped e.g.) together

    – Cooking time is over 5 min

    – Alt+F4

  5. The only thing is u didn’t give us the measurements on the seasonings idk why when I cook it’s ether too much or too less but thease all looked great and I like the talking it’s like talking to a friend

  6. I tried the chickpea curry and it turned out AMAZING, it's SO delicious! Tip on the chickpeas though if you want the best flavor: use chickpeas from dried instead of from the can. I find that the ones in the can have a metallic taste, whereas the ones you soak overnight and then boil for an hour have a mild flavor and are smooth and creamy. You actually save money too when you use dried instead.

  7. Have had to learn how to cook at least a little in the last 10 months or so because I used to travel for work a lot. A friend advised I keep fresh ginger in the freezer along with some olive oil and garlic ice cubes. Except you can buy frozen herbs now and veggies, including onion and garlic, at the store. So darn useful!

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