The Problem With CROSSFIT

breaks down the problem with .
Remember, it’s not what you do, it’s how you…


23 thoughts on “The Problem With CROSSFIT

  1. Definitely good points. I've been doing CrossFit for the first time the past four months 4x week, and I notice these problems. People in the gym trying to make the fastest time sometimes cutting corners; everyone does at some point. Coming from years of gymnastics and multiple other sports, I have come to like CrossFit and definitely will stick to it (even though it's mostly lifting and cardio: there's not much gymnastics). It's the best option I have found for adults that want more out of a gym membership. I just take longer to finish a workout, so I know I actually worked out! The rest of the hoopla, I can take it or leave it, but it's nice getting to know people that you workout with.

  2. I have read a lot of these comments and I see a lot of focus on – bad form pull-ups, one guy said his back hurt… I think folks are missing the point. Crossfit is huge for the general office worker because it offers you the same office atmosphere at the gym. You get to know the other people and you compete a little… It is not about the pull ups, it's about getting your body moving and there are a lot of other moves besides pull-ups… If your back hurts then modify your work out, if you want to do a correct pull up then do it, regardless find a type of workout that you like and will do regularly and for many that is is Crossfit and these people have reached the weightless and body physique they wanted because they love the atmosphere and never even thought to consider a proper pull up…. Just do what you like and if it gets you going and it drives you, it is a great workout… Regardless

  3. Bruh this video is just about several crossfit exercises not CrossFit in general. We don’t just do those exercises . I do CrossFit and I do proper pull ups and other movements that have progression and I have ever done any kipping or cheating exercises

  4. I’ve done CrossFit for a year and a half now. I agree about Kipping pull-ups. But kipping pullups are just one of CrossFits movements and they’re are so many. And we still do strict pullups and even weighted strict pull ups. So to bash CrossFit because of one movement is crazy.

  5. Fun fact, you have never seen a video of a exercise or gym dude that doesn't hold his arm constantly flexed at the elbow through the ENTIRE video

  6. You can do lifts in power lifting completely wrong to my guy. Haven’t you ever seen the legendary beach presses they do without even bending their elbows lol.

  7. Thank you for your ethics behavior, I'm working on calisthenics; by myself… doing chin ups; some pull ups; push squads, nice, and burpees I love, but today I was trying to do butterfly pull ups; for de fis
    Rst time; I first start at gym years Ago. And We know that wrong when did slme wrong. This kipping and buttlerfly pull ups are horrible

  8. CrossFitters do muscle-ups all the time, this video is so misleading. Go to a CrossFit gym and do it for a month then come back and see how much truth this video really has to it.

  9. As the definition says, it's supposed to be the best parts of different training styles…so do the best different exercises of different disciplines but do them how they are done in their respective disciplines, not make your own version of something which is already perfected in their own disciplines.

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