20 MIN GLUTE WORKOUT | Grow Your Glutes at Home with Band & Dumbbell

Hello everyone!

This is targeting the whilst also working the and…


32 thoughts on “20 MIN GLUTE WORKOUT | Grow Your Glutes at Home with Band & Dumbbell

  1. Enjoying your workouts, I needed something to incorporate good weight training. Which videos do you recommend if I'm to workout upper 2x, lower 2x and full body 1x a week? I'd also like to incorporate Ab and glutes into those days as well. Would you please recommend the videos I would follow in the above schedule?

  2. God i love ur workout! I am legit addicted to workout with u and i actually look forward to smash my workouts! Thanks for making me fall in love with destroying my body😂

  3. Hey Caroline, what I’m I doing wrong when I feel my Quadriceps and hamstring instead my glutes when I doing the hip trust and a specially hip trust pulses? 🧡workouts x

  4. i’ll try this one!!! i’m always struggling with activating my glutes and i feel like i’m always doing the squats wrong. 🥲

  5. AMAZING. The first workout where I really felt my cheeks were being activated. I said “f*** you” about 5 times though. Killer workout thank you so much Caroline!!!! 🙏🏼

  6. first time doing your workouts and i am hooked I absolutely loved 🥰 this one when it was over i was kinda sad i was having so much but i will be doing this again for sure thank you for this amazing burn!!!

  7. That was challenging and so much fun. Thank you. Which of your routines would you recommend if I want to concentrate on building hourglass figure?

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