Zero Carb Food List that Keeps Keto and Ketosis Simple

Keeping carbs low is the key to success. When carb intake is too high, we simply…


47 thoughts on “Zero Carb Food List that Keeps Keto and Ketosis Simple

  1. lol, still falling for that "net carb" scam? there's no such thing as net carbs. you think your body will process those carbs any differently? think again. and forget about ANY fruit and sugar free alternatives. dont even bother with avocado. they have plenty of carbs. cooked meat and leafy greens, green peppers, like bell, poblano, and jalapeno is all i eat. nuts are filled with carbs and its easy to overeat. if you want to lose weight, be very strict. portion control is of utmost importance. eat half or a quarter of a chicken breast or steak. if not, then continue watching keto videos, lol. like cauliflower pizza, almond flour cakes and cookies…yeah, you'll be gaining weight in no time flat! those are all carb loaded, albeit less than white flour.

  2. Eggs? I have 4-5 a day. Maybe the trace carbs in them is too high for this video, but eggs and avocado are the cornerstone foods song with fats and meat for low carb.

  3. I went to Costco today, and all the "Keto" foods had 11-15g carbs per serving. I am trying to stay around 20g/day, so these would not work. It's a shame that it is a marketing gimmick now.

  4. The lie, or at least the misdirection is the all-inclusive term "carbs." What they mean is "simple carbohydrates." I also hate the shortening of the language for marketing purposes. Pop bullshit. Eat protein and leafy green vegetables: complex carbohydrates. As my wife used to say, "lose the white stuff: sugar, bread, flour, potatoes. rice." Tomatoes, corn and carrots have sugar in them. (Ever notice how the frozen vegetable mixes are primarily carrots? Cheaper than broccoli or spinach…) Fruit has sugar in it. Read "The New Adkins Diet Revolution." All you need to know is there. These "keto" diets came about after Adkins died and he couldn't sue them. And no, he didn't die from his diet. He slipped on an icy sidewalk, fell, and fractured his skull. And don't forget to burn more than you consume…

  5. I'm surprised she mentioned "biltong". This is a South African product with the name "biltong" coming from Afrikaans which is a Dutch derived language.

  6. Too bad you didn't bother to include a WRITTEN list of the enormous amount of food you spoke about. It sure would have been nice if, after watching and listening to this presentation, I could have copied a printed list of the foods you talked about.

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  8. I don’t think this diet is sustainable . How about just not each as much and lots of variety? It work for my parents and grandparents and now me. Good luck 🍀.

  9. An atlernative to cheeseburger can be a mushroom cheeseburger can be like mushrooms as buns while having mined steak as the burger and light cheese

  10. Can’t have sugar but scotch tequila brandy is perfectly fine. I am laughing so hard. Once your fat adapted you do not have to completely eliminate sugar.

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