Yoga To Reduce Stress | 30 Min Slow Flow – Relaxing Stretches + Savasana

Yoga To Reduce Stress | 30 Min Slow Flow – Relaxing Stretches + Savasana

This gentle and relaxing full body class will take you through mindful movement meant to…


32 thoughts on “Yoga To Reduce Stress | 30 Min Slow Flow – Relaxing Stretches + Savasana

  1. Did this practice before going to bed. Really soothing. I have a lot of thoughts running around mi head since my ex and I broke up last week, so I am trying to do this that keep me calm and make the sadness into more of a nostalgia…Trying to keep everythingas a happy memory.

  2. I was having anxiety as I start my week because I have to do something I haven't done before. Then I found this, and somehow I found my inner peace. That everything will be alright and that I can cease the moment. Will definitely come back here everyday.

  3. omg, this class was amazing. exactly what i needed, i am so glad that i found this! thank you for the perfect relaxation and happy yummy stretch with longgg rest. I will be back to visit this class again! 💙

  4. Sending love to everyone in this comment section 🤍 I see so many comments here about everyone’s heavy state of being – I’m so glad you’re all here, and that you found this practice with Jessica as your guide, just as I did.

    I hope you feel light, if not very soon.
    I hope you find solace and peace in the moments that life has to offer.
    I hope you find joy in the little things and strength in the hard times.
    I hope that you will remember to take care of yourself and find the courage to take on the world one day at a time.
    Remember that you are strong and capable of so much, and that you have the power to create a life you love.

  5. I actually became emotional doing this, I was so tense and anxious and as soon as I got on my yoga mat, you made me feel at peace and feel safe, the tears just flowed and I allowed them too. Thankyou for making a safe place for us ❤❤

  6. Hi everyon If you want music for your yin yoga class I invite you all to tune in to my live stream of high frequency music to unlock your softness within🌼

  7. I had a mental breakdown today and needed this so much. It felt like destiny to see your latest practice was about stress release and it relieved my mind and put me in a much calmer headspace. I love your practices. Thank you so much 🙏🏼 love from Germany.

  8. Hi Jessica! Thank you so much for this class – I feel amazing! Getting started this morning I paused the video to give myself more of warm-up since I was stiff, and then I jumped back into the practice and I feel much more in touch with myself. Thank you! 🙏🏻

  9. Hi Jessica! I downloaded your app since yesterday and I subscribed to the monthly course fee but even so when I tried opening the course videos (both the free and membership videos), it couldn’t be played and all i was given was a stop sign emoji on the video that I pressed. Are you able to fix this? Because I really want to subscribe to the app but even the 1 week free trial isn’t showing me any of the videos 😅

  10. Thank you. I can never say thank you enough. The time just went so quickly and feeling relaxed inside and outside afterwards.

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