Hi guys. How are you this is gonna, be my first video in English, so i hope you guys like it. I saw you guys, like my hips video, so i decided to do another video where i do actually teach you how to open up your hips okay.

So we’re gonna start with some salutations. If you’re, not sure how to uh practice, sun salutation, you can get in my channel also see an old video that i have there and in the future i’m gonna be making more videos about it.

In the meantime, we’re gonna stand on our minds. Put our feet together. Activate the quads internal rotation of the pelvis inhale, raise your arms and slow down forward. When you’re bending forward, make sure you’re.

Pulling your chest out and you can even like bend the knees exhale bend forward, putting your hands on the mat step back to high plank, come down to chaturanga, come up toward the walker shoulders away from yours.

Don’t. Do this shoulders away from ears and come back downward facing dog stay here? Recycle external reflection, shoulders micromanage! If you need to, you can even do bicycle movement, while you’re here, open up your shoulders, your chest by getting your chest closer to your quads, come back and step forward, inhale, look forward, exhale bend, inhale, come back up and that’s some salutation, we’re gonna, do three repetitions and then we’re gonna start with a head opener.

So we’re gonna do another. One inhale hell have left as hell right now come to chaturanga or don’t, come in step forward with the right leg and let the left leg come to the floor. As he comes to the floor.

With the right hand, you’re, going to push the right leg to sternal rotation, stay there for five four three, two and one come back up: tuck your toes behind step, back exhale, jump round them inhale or go exhale downward facing dog and step Forward with the right leg, let the right leg too: i mean the left leg and grab the leg, the right leg onto the floor and pull the left leg.

To start my rotation with your and come down to the mat cross, your legs, one, two, three, four five sit, seven, eight nine and come back straight legs inhale, raise your right arm and go to the right side.

Left side make sure you’re. Not going forward necessarily stretching your right side of the body and as you bend forward, you love your chest: try to go down and come back down as much as you can in contact.

You can be here, or here or here it doesn’t matter. Flexibility will come with practice. We’re, going to do 10 repetitions here, one always making sure we’re pulling our chest out. We’re bending from our hips.

Now we’re gonna put our left leg in an angle that will form a triangle in front of us. We’re, not putting it inside and we’re, letting an angle shape inside and then put our other leg on the top in case.

This is too difficult for you. You’re gonna get a pillow and sit on it. Okay, if you’re hot, if your hips are higher, it will help you, if not just put them like this okay, but if you can try and challenge yourself always listening to your body without hurting yourself and right now, look i’M, creating the angle shape the triangle shape inside my legs and you’re gonna flex.

Your feet make sure you’re, activating the leg muscles and, as you activate the leg muscles, let the right knee drop to the floor to the left to the left foot as much as you can count to 10 and then release try again and Release the muscle, so we’re, dropping the left knee towards the right feet as much as you can count to 10 release.

But this time we’re, going to apply the active flexibility that we just did and we’re going to bend four hours. We keep our legs super activated. We went forward from our hips. Never from our upper back.

Remember: go down! Go down always inhaling and exhaling through your nose cut down as much as you can shoulders away from ears. Pull out your chest. Make yourself look elegant as you go down and suffer a little okay and switch activate the legs first and, as you activate the legs with your feet, bend forward shoulders away from the ears.

Keep bending forward. Keep conscious on your inhale and exhale. Allow your body to open up and come up straighten your legs, and your chasm get your right leg close to your right, butt and come to open the the right leg.

Just turn on rotation make sure you call it back or blue is how i put it. Okay, um, once the right leg’s sent to external rotation, we’re gonna make sure our left leg is activated, placing our foot activated left and you can even grab strap with your on your feet on your foot and grab It with your arms and then forward from here, if you can grab the feet that will degrade your foot and forward to descend if it’s with your strap or if it’s grabbing your foot and then forward don’t forget to activate the legs hours as you bend forward, always shoulders away from ears.

Relax your upper back, relax your neck stay here for 10 seconds and come back now we’re, going to put our feet together. Okay, we’re gonna do butterfly butterfly movement still fast fast fast as much fast as you can now activate the legs and draw both knees towards the floor.

You’re using your leg muscles to get those knees towards the floor. It doesn’t matter. If they don’t touch or don’t get close to the floor. You’re, getting inflexibility little by little; okay. This is a journey stay there.

Five four three two and one release: let’s, try again once more activate the lesson drop. Those knees towards the floor, shoulders away from ears, pull up your chest, five, four, three two and one release.

Now we’re gonna lie down in the floor and, as we lay down on the floor, we’re gonna do ananda balasana grab your feet this. This is the baby. The happy baby pose. So you’re gonna grab your feet, plug you grab it in the outer side of your foot rather, and push stand towards the floor.

Stay here, five towards the floor, one two, three four and five legs once more repeat, make sure you’re, not doing this, that you’re keeping your legs straight parallel to the floor and standing towards deep towards the floor shoulders.

Always up here and release straighten the legs. Now we’re gonna do middle split up to needles, play point. Your toes make sure you’re, activating the left muscle and just do the gravity to do its job open the legs.

Like we do the butterfly movement, we’re gonna do the same here. One two, three four five now activate the legs and hold those. Let you wan na send the feet towards the floor. One two three four now grab your knees, close your eyes to get a good job, do a little massage to your back, come down to the right side.

Stay there, -,

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