Yoga For A Fresh Start | Yoga With Adriene

A practice designed for humans living through disorienting times. This complete session is…


34 thoughts on “Yoga For A Fresh Start | Yoga With Adriene

  1. This session is not a fix all but I think it does a damn good job of gently putting you in an empowered role to center in your awareness and guide yourself forward.
    Because no one else can do that for you.
    No guru. It has to be you.

    How are you feeling after today's practice?

  2. This practice makes me feel sooo gooood! It´s been a long day at work and right now I´m ready to begin the last part of this Thursday. Thank you for guidning me towards my best self Adriene Dearest! <3

  3. I'm feeling proud of myself because I completed this again and managed to go from plank to chaturanga to cobra for the first time ever 😎 I could only do it properly twice in a row but I did it finally

  4. Thank you my dear friend Adriene!
    I could hear your heart beat today. It was so amazing.
    I wish that your heart always beats with health and happiness .

  5. Went from a completely sedentary lifestyle to trying out this video. Gave up 33 mins in because my body was shaking and i was sweating so much lmao

  6. Thank you for the light each of your videos brings into my day. I was driving the other day and I tend to get very road-ragey but I felt myself getting upset and totally unconsciously I started deepening my breath and seeking out stillness- only to realize a moment later what I had done in the absence of my usual cursing lol. Watching your videos has brought such balance and peace to me, thank you. <3

  7. I did this practice with my husband right after work.
    Adriene, encouraging us to set an intention: "Complete this sentence. I choose…"
    My husband (very quiet, to himself): "I choose dinner"
    Adriene: "Imagine that it's already so"
    Husband (almost inaudible): "I am sitting down. I am eating dinner."

  8. Spinnies!!! Such a lovely way to come off of ski season into water season. Oh how I've missed these commiserations. Danke schön! En Lakesh.

  9. Omg !!! ….I’m from india and due to bombarded corona cases here right now I’m unable to hit the gym and can’t go for walk outside either. And lately I was fallen for anxiety and depression so much …I ate a lot and unhealthy due to that . So I decided to do yoga and as soon as I typed it on yt I saw this video of urs. And started practising this one … I can say I haleped me feel lighter and let go . ..thank you so much honey❤️❤️lots of love to you keep bringing more . I will keep following ur moves😎

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