Worlds Strongest Man Tries CrossFit | Ft. Eddie Hall

Strongest Man | Ft. Eddie
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39 thoughts on “Worlds Strongest Man Tries CrossFit | Ft. Eddie Hall

  1. Wherever you guys live looks like my neck of the woods! If it is do me a favour mate and kick the lazy out of my arse, me and the missus started keto together and I lost 2 stone, but she shed a massive amount! I just need to find a motivation to get into shape again, which right now I'm not finding. It's become too easy to drink away the boredom…

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    Lord Jesus I believe I am a sinner and I believe you have paid for my sins. I accept you as my lord and savior please come into my life and change me amen,

  3. Good for Eddie Hall, he set a goal to win and though everyone has ups and downs he climbed the mountain.
    Not knowing about CrossFit deadlifts (As I know they swing when doing pull-ups) I notice Eddie is "tapping and going" 11:40 and the other guy is "bouncing and going" 12:40. Would the bouncing be good lifts in a CrossFit competition? Just saying, the bottom third and top third of the lift is nothing but a drop and bounce momentum. Thinking 75-100 in a row would not be unrealistic for say a 175 guy if he bounced it like was done.

  4. Loved seeing eddie on the strongman show (history channel i think?) with the other guys. Awesome show. People dont realize how much cardio these guys, along with bodybuilders, do. The argument is always just the steroids and HGH. Nope. U gotta do crazy cardio and insane dieting too. Anyone who works out a lot like myself knows this. Anyways good video.

  5. CrossFit still gets a bad rap. Because some of the people are super loud about it. Which makes it seems like most of CrossFit people are loud about it. When you can’t talk to someone without them bringing up CrossFit somehow into the conversation it gets annoying. Then it’s the bad form. Lack of proper training in gyms etc. some gyms are amazing the people there are great, help new people learn proper form. While others couldn’t care less about new people doing good form. Unfortunately they have created a negative stereotype and it’s going to be really difficult to break it

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