Women's Sprint—2019 CrossFit Games

Heading into Sprint, reigning Games champion Tia-Clair Toomey led the pack with just a 15-point…


33 thoughts on “Women's Sprint—2019 CrossFit Games

  1. If they just said they aren’t going to test for PEDs I’d actually watch. But to pretend that any of these “athletes” are natural and that if any of you the viewers just does CrossFit and eats good you’ll be this muscular is an absolute joke.

  2. I look at these truly athletic athletes, who in this case … are women, by their gender …. and I understand that …. me and 98% of the rest of the people who are men by their gender,. … we cannot be compared with them, because … we are weaker than them in our will to win and in the physical state of our body … But this strongly motivates and makes us work on ourselves)👍🤣💯

  3. Le cross fit c’est intéressant dans un contexte de surabondance calorique, j’attends de voir ce genre de gabarit « fit » quand ils auront pas leur dose de nutriment, fittest man and woman on earth 🤣

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