Women's Health: PCOS, Endometriosis and Periods with Dr. Linda Bradley

Periods that last too long, abnormal pap smears, infertility and painful intercourse are just…


6 thoughts on “Women's Health: PCOS, Endometriosis and Periods with Dr. Linda Bradley

  1. What type of birth control is safe for my situation to control heavy bleeding Is an IUD safe for me I am 45 history of mini stroke 2014 also I’ve had a tubal ligation 15 yrs ago and my cervix is tilted I’m trying to see the best options to control heavy periods any advice would be greatly appreciated I am not trying to get pregnant I had the tubal ligation after my 5th child
    Also since I am having symptoms of endometriosis of which has not been diagnosed what would you suggest I ask my doctor …it’s been hard to find a good PCP but I think I have found a good gynecologist recently who is willing to listen to me so I want to prepare for my next visits thanks in advance

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  3. I live in Canada and am a childfree person I find it extremely frustrating trying to get care because I am not having children, symptoms effect my quality of life. Birth control seems to be the only answer. Its not good enough. Very frustrating.

  4. Thank you two So much for the informative video!I have been having some very heavy debilitating periods every month for awhile now(I'm 35)Now I kind of have an idea what could be causing this.

  5. very informative interview thank you Dr. Bradley. The interviewer did a great job letting the Dr. speak without interruption. Thank you.

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