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Women Who Have Rape Fantasies: Why, Who & The Fascinating Psychology Revealed – Rape Fantasy, Part 1

It is no secret that women enjoy men who are dominant, and most enjoy rough sex…but did you know that some women even actually have rape fantasies? That’s right. In fact fantasizing about being raped is one of the most common sexual fantasies that women have. But why would women be fantasizing about one of the worst most harmful and malicious types of sex acts? Something that by definition, no one would ever consent to?

Here in this first of a two part video series Social Scientist and Sexual Educator Brian Krall from True Life Relationships will be thoroughly exploring the topic of Rape Fantasies, and their in depth psychology to get to the exact reasons why some women have rape fantasies, and what types of women specifically have them. For those who are into hardcore sex and BDSM, this video will be right up your alley and is one of the most radical topics ever covered here. But be sure to watch it before youtube takes it down for being too extreme!

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Inquiries: Info@TrueLifeDevelopment.com

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