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  2. She forgot one thing,she started off genetically with a good “Butt” lol….A lot of Women don’t want anyone looking,don’t attend a gym then or don’t don’t wear tight cling to the body clothing,you ain’t that special lol…Like they look so good,people are going to stare(which is ultimately what some of them want but yet get uncomfortable when someone looks 🤔🤦‍♂️lol) Dont wear the clingy stuff and don’t wear such revealing garments and make no mistake,NO ONE WILL LOOK 👀😂

  3. Hi, sorry if this is super random, but what camera are you using? Also, GIRLEE I've done this routine for nearly 3 weeks at the gym, and (for the first time) I see results!!

  4. Hiya, lovely video
    I’ve recently stared to work on glutes but I also do a lot of cardio too for instance using the treadmill, rowing, and the cross trainer. Will using these machines affect my glutes from growing ?

  5. So of course there's differences between everybody but scientifically the main points that are the secret of her gains that you should focus on:
    – she activates the sht out of her glutes (fe. her 50 lightweight reps & high rep days which are essentially acitvation-practice) so the overload will hit with highest possible efficiency
    – she increases overload in all glute areas with resitance bands
    most importantly she continues until burnout! This is key and too many people focus on numbers rather than sensation if we're talking reps, your muscles only grow significantly if you use them to their max. strenght! This will signal your body they're too weak and you need more power for whatever you're doing. When going for a regular strenght/stamina balance in your muscle you do want to attempt staying in the 8 – 12 rep range but you can get to burnout by overloading until it works for you.
    Shocking/tearing is actually prooven to most likely not be important or helpful for muscle growth. It occurs during new movements, not especially difficult ones, muscle doesn't need to tear to grow.

  6. Always when i started i quitted so fast because i was doing to much for a beginner. So 2 months ago i started pretty light and slow. But i did work out 4/5 times a week. And now i finally see some result for the first time and that’s really gives me so much motivation, i actually love to work out now. Consistency is key!!

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