Why Weight Loss Is All In Your Head | Drew Manning on Health Theory

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  1. I wish I had a group to do that with. My relationship with food sucks. Every single morning I wake up the first thing I think about is my weight. I also think about it in the day and thats the last thing I thing about before I go to bed. It's like I'm stuck in a room and I want to get out of it so bad but my mind won't let me. I feel embarrassed and withdraw from people.

  2. Seven senses – five of them is mainly with the flesh and the other called bones "steers" you to your direction through awareness, movement and body position. Now women and men where not created the same way. Men are more muscular and women are loaded with the great good fats to deliver babies. If you mix these chemicals in the wrong way, you will incur a new disease, and whether it is none or not by the scientist will become none later. I stumbled upon truth about life by mistake through dreams and the process newborn babies go through. The bible is not a book but the ancestors love for the future children living in this age. Dont think of the stomach, lips and mouth alone – they are flesh.

  3. I've had severe health anxiety ever since I went into hospital for High Blood Pressure.I am obese and I started doing 24 to 48 hours fasting weekly depending on my mode. I go to the gym 5 days a week and I have lost 39 lbs(18kg) in about 2 and the half months. People are asking me if I am sick and it is depressing me and making my health anxiety worst with the feeling something is wrong and that's why i am losing much weight at a fast pace even thou i know I am putting in the work. I am still obese and want to lost more weight but the comments I am getting about being sick is discouraging me to continue and making my anxiety worst,when it was getting better.

  4. When my herpes started interfering with my daily life. And my lips always bother me every damn day. I remember going to the hospital when I was around 28 years old cuz my whole lips were burning like hell. And a nurse came to the waiting lobby and said sorry there are no doctors here. So I had to go back home. My lips were burning like hell and I felt so uncomfortable that night so I turned to #DRIDOWU herbal🥰🥰🥰

  5. Amazing interview. Stumbled on this and was proud to see someone so down to earth sharing about spirituality, emotions and vulnerability. The thing about suffering a thousand times in our head is what I go through a lot, but I am learning to be kind to myself, to respect myself, be voulnerable and live.
    I used to meditate a lot and stopped for many years and recently was diagnosed with depression I am slowly getting back to it and couldn’t have shift gears if I didn’t start working out.
    Than you!

  6. Want to drop 5 pounds, 20 pounds or even 60 pounds if not more all without starving yourself WeightLose.Fitness or counting calories? This is entirely possible. I'd been doubtful at first, but when I began The Venus Factor, I was impressed at the results. The system is so easy to grasp and put to work in your life. I am not going to reveal to you how much I lost, but I wanted to share the information for anyone else planning to slim down.

  7. he already was muscled underneath all that fat, and thats not representative of the vast majority whom are just fat, with a background of ONLY sedentary lifestyle.

  8. How do you tell someone they are worth treating themselves well? Lots and lots of therapy and sometimes psychiatric medication. Most morbidly obese people have experienced serious traumas in childhood or adulthood. I wish we could destigmatize mental health and eating issues. It's not about being fat and eating the donuts, it's about someone is hurting and is passively killing themselves over time. I have lost 200lbs in two years and I have had to do therapy and take antidepressants to do it.

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