Which Cooking Oils are Safe? (Which to AVOID)

Advertising can really mislead you when it comes to your . Thinking a certain


27 thoughts on “Which Cooking Oils are Safe? (Which to AVOID)

  1. I used canola oil for many years. I thought it was good for you. I threw mine away about 2 and 1/2 months ago when I started carnivore diet. I now feel much better and my knee which needed a total replacement is getting better.

  2. Why do you keep saying 'to a certain extent, you can use avacado oil?' I use it alot, and now that i have bought an air fryer i use it every day as ive been told it can be cooked at high heat. Is this not true?

  3. What about Rapeseed oil? It’s a cousin of canola oil … but I’ve heard it’s a fantastic oil with a very impressive fat profile eg omega 3, 6 and 9 in an excellent ratio, good mono saturated, poly and saturated fats levels compared to butter and coconut oil, and a ton of vit E. If it’s organic , cold extracted with NO industrial extraction process, then why isn’t this oil on the “go to list” for oils ?

  4. this video was very negative towards sunflower oil and even had outright lies towards it, in reality sunflower is high in vitamin E, has a very neutral taste and has a high smoke point, but the only thing people are worried about is the amount of omega-6 in it which is thought to be pro-inflammatory, so if you use it in a large amounts its thought to be bad for you, but by balancing it out with omega-3 will make it fine to use, ironic is that in this video it stated that sunflower oil can promote heart disease, actually it was thought that omega-6 rich foods will do the total opposite, but according to a 2014 study, it was found that it has neither effect, the ones who used alot of omega-6 had no difference in risk towards heart disease to those who used tiny amounts, the fact is moderation is key, the most essential things to us can be deadly in large amounts and can give you cancer, heart disease and yaddy yadda, but by enjoying a rich and varying diet in moderation and staying active, you will be fine, do your own research instead of listening to these 5 minute clips on youtube

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