What yoga does to your body and brain – Krishna Sudhir

Explore the ancient tradition of , and discover how its blend of physical and mental…


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  1. Yoga, in Buddhist vocabulary, would be the Middle Path. It is neither too intense an exercise nor too light and doesn't require any gear except our own bodies. It is the most optimal exercise regimen for a sedentary, liberal and a growing middle class.

  2. Yoga is one of the best things you can practice to be healthy. It helps you live better and be a better person. You don't need to be athletic to do it, you just need to start and gain these benefits.

  3. I clicked on this because it said "Is yoga actually good for the brain?" thinking "no way, there's no way that they're going to prove that hypothesis." I don't like feeling tricked.

  4. Maharishi Patanjali did not invent Yoga, it was present here in India even during Indus Valley Civilization which itself is almost 2500 BC- 3000BC old; and then you can find Yog even in ancient texts like Ved, Gita and Upanishad etc. He took the effort of codifying it and making it more organized I would say.
    Anyway good effort👌👏

    To share my personal experience with Yog, it helped me recover from IBS & later an partially mobile knee from a bike skidding. Also over the years I have seen people recover from LBP, sinus problem, breathing problems, knee problems etc.
    Though its always advisable to start when you're healthy & not bedridden.

  5. I used to laugh at yoga since I was a kid
    Until I started running, everyone in the scene seemed to do yoga and preach it so I though “Why not ?!”
    It only took me about 10 minutes to realize why the people who practice it loved it so much.

    If you didn’t already, try it, you’ll love it!

  6. Started doing Yoga during lockdown and because I'd developed bursitis in my shoulder and lifting weights agitated it. Found the Breathe and Flow channel and now I do it every day. My strength and flexibility are improving but I still go to the gym a couple times a week for strength training. I will say that my lower back pain, ankle pain and shoulder pain seem to respond really well to daily stretching and building strength gently in those areas. I love it and it's a huge part of my daily life now.

  7. This video isn’t correct and isn’t using info from the groups of scientists that did the work this video fails to note.
    If you want a good amount of Knowledge do not watch this video anymore because you will not get the correct amount of information

  8. "Yoking the mind" does not mean "restraining the mind". The word "yoke" is more closely related to "union", like a yoke of oxen joins two oxen together. In Yoga, the "yoke" means to make the mind and body One.

  9. Its true- the understanding of Yog needs to expand. It must not be seen as just a physical exercise; that is just the tip of the iceberg. Yog can be used for mental well-being because it inspires one to break mental mindsets. Questions of who am i, why do i have fears, how do i know something is true or not, etc. are required to break mental rigidity before thinking you can meditate. If you have so many labels regarding everything that happens in your life, meditation would be a waste for you. For achieving this you must be fully dedicated to exploring yourself. But human nature is diverse which is why there are several branches of Yog for this purpose- Hatha Yog, Raj Yog, Bhakti Yog, Karma Yog… I think that if the work and understanding on its various aspects is done on a large scale, it will be possible to quantify it as well in several sub categories related to each other through a few general principles..

  10. Thank you, for this video! Because I was very ill and the doctors told me I was going to die, I studied how to meditate. I researched many teachers and I actually learned to heal myself from some terrible disabilities through meditation. Take a look at the results and see for yourself! Hope this helps! youtu.be/G6W82WDd3TQ 💜🙏🏻☮️

  11. I started doing yoga couple of months before which comprises of Surya Namaskar, Meditation for 8-10 mins and breathing exercises and now I could really feel the calmness and peacefulness🕊️ in my brain 🧠
    Yoga is really helpful in controlling yourself and focus on one thing at a time ❤️ that leads to better productivity and smart work 👍🏻

  12. When I do yoga I'm way happier and when I don't do it I'm still somewhat happy but I get irritated more easily.

    My body feels better when I do yoga on a regular basis. It also helped me get out of depression.

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