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in today’s video i’m talking about something i call the japanese diet, inspired by a book from 1889 called “a japanese boy” by shukichi shigemi ( that i read years ago ). when describing the japanese culture to americans, shigemi writes about how parents are encouraging their kids to eat a healthy diet. basically kids got told to eat 30 different things per day, and 100 things per week. sounds like a lot, right ? and that’s where the idea of the japanese diet comes in. i was so intrigued by this old school variety concept that i decided to put myself to the test. check it out !
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would you guys try this little experiment ? also, if you’re from japan, tell me if you ever heard of this 30 per day, 100 per week diet ? is it something your parents ever taught you ? maybe it’s a thing of the past – i mean the book was written in the 19th century after all…

i’m very curious about what parents tell their children to eat in every country, so hit me with your best diet tips in the comments !

love // jenny


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