What is the difference between dieting and an eating disorder?

Laurie Fortlage, MS. RD., talks the difference between and .



14 thoughts on “What is the difference between dieting and an eating disorder?

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  3. Ok please inlightin me??.. I quote . ''parents may want to think about, What kind of changes are happening, talking to your child"
    Hmmm so adults do not have a eating disorder?

  4. When you Stare at food for 20 minutes thinking about to eat or not and endup NOT eating or when you haven't eat anything in a day and you feel Pretty and skiny or when your head hurts because you haven't eat anything that day or when you feel like skipping meals and thinking it won't matter or when you feel dizzy 5 times a day or when all you think in a day is what you are going to eat is When you know it's not Dieting But Anorexia!

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