What I Eat In A Week For A FLAT & TONED Stomach (no restricting) | How I Love My Body At Every Size

If you don’t want to watch me eat pancakes every day please don’t watch this video 🙂 I know…


35 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Week For A FLAT & TONED Stomach (no restricting) | How I Love My Body At Every Size

  1. y'all PLEASE do not workout to lose weight or so that u can love yourself. it doesn't help. workout to feel stronger and healthier. if u don't love your body rn, u won't love your body after losing fat, u'll find new things to hate. your body is meant to keep u alive and active and that's what it is doing!! just because it doesn't look the way u want it to doesn't mean it's worth any less. all tummies are beautiful tummies <3

  2. I love your videos! honestly they helped me so much already on my own self-love journey and I just wanted to thank you for being here and making videos from another perspective without being judgemental but just being kind and honest. I appreciate you a lot! A lot of love from me to you💕

  3. this video makes me look at my body differently. sometimes i strucel tremendously with my body. and I hate it. by watching this video instead of seeing the perfect models. makes me try to enjoy what I do and eat. and stay healthy and then we'll see where I go. thanks!

  4. guys, shes eating everything she wants but also works out TWICE a day aka 14 times per week!! And she does it real hard every single time. And this works for her because she feels good doing it. If you eat like her and work out like 3 times per week, do it really slowly and tiringly, mostly just stand there complaining, no your not gonna lose fat. If you work out really hard too but you hate it every time it gives you headache or dizzy, its not for you neither. If you are on a diet but you love it, love the light feeling of your body and it gives u energy and confidence, then its definitely for you.
    So the point of this video is finding what works for you, and your sure that you can keep it up for a life time and stay healthy. If you have to eat a big meal with loads of meat to be full and have energy to do exercises, go for it. If you love veggies and can eat like 24/7, do it. Dont feel bad to see others eating junk foods all the time and stay fit. Your body is not like theirs. In addition they r doing exercises like twice a day, you dont. LOL

  5. hi im 13 and 5 foot 9 i dont love myself at all even after I lost more than 20 pounds on a diet so I'm starting to follow someone and I'm choosing you. your attitude is so positive and happy and your personality is amazing smashing that like button and I'm gonna see how I feel about myself in a couple months after my journey following you thank you.

  6. I can really identify with this, not obsessing over eating but eating when your body tells you so and not eat when it is not asking for it. I feel great and love life.

  7. Just so you know I have been making your pancakes for a few months and they are delicious. They also only take me 20 minutes before school! My family also kind of fight over who gets to share they with me!👍

  8. in ur description u said im sorry guys but im being real with u , YES yes and yes be u and always u i love u for who u are on internet maybe there is a diff person behind this but it dosent matter ur showing body positivity and thats so insane and amazing ) stay u eat whatever u want its u ur life not ours the most important is that ur okay ur mental health i love u ur beautiful in ur own way !

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