What I ate in a week: Healthy Cooking Motivation | SCCASTANEDA

Welcome to my channel! I am going to share with you what I in and the healthy…


47 thoughts on “What I ate in a week: Healthy Cooking Motivation | SCCASTANEDA

  1. Before I got pregnant I was trying to be healthy, then while pregnant I was sick and my appetite was not there. I’m trying to get back on track🙁😞it’s so hard!!!

  2. That avocado toast looks BOMB!!!!!!! Love that you are doing more cooking vidoes!! PLEASE keep them coming!!! I also started keeping a bowl of unused veggies and been using up my extra veggies more often so Thank you!!!

  3. Love this kind of video!!❤️ but on a side note.. gurl, you have a glow going on!! It’s like I can actually see how happy you are!! Looks soooo good on you! God bless!💕 and keep em coming!!

  4. I watched this yesterday and you totally inspired me to make the ceviche. I am back to report that it was the bomb. Thanks for sharing! I’m on the healthy train these days and it’s nice to try new recipes so I’m not bored with the same ol’ chicken and veggies. Keep the vlogs coming!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing, I want to try them all lol my mouth was getting watery as well. More videos like this please giving great ideas. I love how Jude eats a lot veggies. I want my daughter to get to that level haha she is 6 and she starting to be open about eating veggies.

  6. I was just starting to think “damn she eats a lot in a day” & the video ended lol I need a more structured video for my ocd life 😩

  7. You need more protein in my opinion. For muscle growth which will ate up the extra fat meaning you loose weight without yoyo affect ( and yoyo affect you get when you lose weight without gaining muscle)

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