Weights & Strength Training | How to Win Like Mo | Mo Farah (2020)

A lot of you are asking me for some advice on weight training. In this video, I show you a few…


21 thoughts on “Weights & Strength Training | How to Win Like Mo | Mo Farah (2020)

  1. Farah's a great runner and all but still… it's sad to see a pro athlete challenged by a weight training workout that the average couch potato could do easily. It's like a powerlifter showing us how he runs 100m intervals at 8 min mile pace.

  2. I'm 49, same height as Mo and according to Wikipedia I'm only 2-3kg heavier. The big difference is obvious; Mo has muscle weight whereas I'm just a skinny white dude.

  3. Sir
    I'm 19 year old runner
    Weight:-70 & height:-178cm
    How to complete 1600m/05:00min
    Please tell exercise,workouts and other tips
    How to make stronger legs

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