Weight loss workout routine | What I did at the gym to help me lose 70+ pounds | BEGINNER FRIENDLY

Weight loss workout routine | What I did at the gym to help me lose 70+ pounds | BEGINNER FRIENDLY

Hey guys it’s, your girl mitch, and welcome back to my channel for those of you guys who are already but welcome to my channel um today’s. Video is going to be a gym. Video, you know that’s, why the background is a little different.

We’re, not in our typical home studio we are out and , and we are heading to the gym. Please excuse me, i know like a hot mess, but come on guys. We’re, going to the gym and plus you all know me y ‘

All see me y ‘ All know how i look outside the gym. So let’s just brush this right under the rug. Today we’re gonna go put in some work at the gym. I’m gonna, be showing you guys, the routine that i was doing in the beginning.

Helped me lose 70 pounds very beginner friendly. So if you want to start going to the gym, but you don’t know where to start. This is the perfect place for you to start super easy super simple. So let’s.

Get in there and let’s put in some work, all right guys. So first things: first, we’re, going to get started with the cardio and we’re going to hop on this treadmill. So, like i said typically on the treadmill, i will spend a good um 35 to 45 minutes, just simply walking on incline.

You know kovid just make sure you guys wipe down your equipment before you get started, because you know it’s, not guaranteed that the person before you went ahead and wiped it down. So just go ahead and take a moment to wipe down your equipment before getting started.

Of course put in some headphones. As you can see, mine ‘ S fell off just when i was about to get on. So i had to take a quick break to wipe my headphones off before finally getting started got my little apple watch aka, my ben 10 watch and i usually do like a dramatic countdown before i get started.

So when i do my incline, i put it on seven well, i start off at seven and gradually increase depending on my mood and i’m walking on a speed of 3.5. This is like a steady walking pace not too fast, not too slow.

Um it’ll, definitely get you going, and here i am raw uncut, just walking on the treadmill um. Just a nice little steady pace, um just walking it out on incline, get out once i walk it out. So i get out on an incliner , , ,.

Oh once i’m a little warmed up. I eventually increase my incline just by one so earlier i was walking down seven, but then you know once i get a little warmed up, i move it and i start walking on eight , , , all right, so this next part is optional um.

I basically start to switch it up and do like a little jog. Slash run if you don’t feel comfortable doing that. Quite yet. No problem just keep walking on incline. No big d, no big d um, but typically what i’ll do is.

I will increase the speed to 6.3 and i’ll, do like a little jog and you know i have to work my way up. When i first started. I would jog for like two minutes and then walk for like three to five minutes, but then you know eventually i started building up my stamina and then you know started running for like up to five minutes.

So you know just whatever you feel comfortable with you, want to jog for two to three minutes and then walk for two three minutes: that’s. Fine but like i said i usually just shave off like the last 15 minutes, just to alternate jogging and walking and, like i said, no big d, if you don’t feel comfortable enough to do that.

Just continue, walking on incline, not a problem. , , , have to take a break to fix my stupid bun that just kept on falling apart, but anyways back to running , , ,. We did it joe. We finished the treadmill, but it doesn’t stop there.

We got another thing coming. This is what i like to call the stairmaster now this stairmaster is not a joke, so get ready, but it will get you going. It will get you breathing hard. It’ll. Get you sweating, like you’ll, get everything i don’t even stay on there for long.

I do like 15 minutes max, so that’s. What we’re about to do right now, typically on a stair master, i walk at a steady pace of seven, and that is something that’s not too fast and crazy, but not too slow and , , , sluggy, , , , so the first five minutes of me walking on the stairmaster, is just me: warming up just me doing my regular one-two step, , , , after five minutes, i start to crank it up and then i start to do.

Kickbacks i don’t know what these are really called, but it’s. Just me, kicking my leg back um that helps with the plumping of the butt. So i’ve heard, so i just do that for a good five minutes: , , ,.

After that i spent the last five minutes – um walking side to side. So i would walk like sideways on one side like this and then switch it up and then walk sideways on the other side for five minutes.

So, in total, that’s, 15 minutes on the stairmaster five minutes, regular five minutes kickbacks and then five minutes side to side, , , , and that is it. We are officially done with cardio. Now we can move on to the stuff aka.

The weighty weights, so let’s, get into it. The first machine that we’re going to hop on is the lat pull down and the lat pull down exercise is really going to work. Your latissimus dorsi aka, your lats in the back it doesn’t really say anything about.

You know working out to your arms, but you will definitely feel it working out and burning in your arms as well. , , , i usually put mine on a resistance of seven um. You don’t, have to put yours on seven.

You can do it whatever you feel more comfortable at. So if you want to reduce or increase that’s up to you, i do three sets of 15 and you want to make sure that you keep your arms, steady and controlled.

Three sets of 15 y ‘ All here we go ,. , , up next, we have the row machine. I’m, not sure if that’s officially what it’s called, but that’s literally what it says on the sign. It just says row and, like you know, when you’re doing it, it’s kind of like you’re rolling the boat, so yeah next up is the row machine now.

I know this machine is mainly supposed to focus on like your back, but you definitely feel it in your arms too. So double whammy adjust the weight to whatever feel comfortable for you. I think i have mine on what 45.

Yes, i have mine on 45 um and then i do once again three sets of 15, but how i do it is. I do like one set with both hands: , , ,. Then i switch it up and then i do one set with one hand and then the last set with the other , , , hand, , , , up.

Next we have the tricep press and just like how the title sounds. This is definitely gonna help out with the toning and shaping of your triceps um. I do three sets of 15, so here we go. Let’s, get it ,.

, , go , , ,. So that concludes all of our upper body. Slash arm machines: now we’re moving over to the lower body leg and butt machines up. First, we have the hip abduction, which is one of my favs, because it works on your boots.

You want to make sure that you have the leg positioning on like the very very first one, and you just pick whatever what you feel comfortable with um. I do it on 190 and i do once again three sets of 15.

. So here we go remember make sure we’re, doing slow, steady and controlled movements. You don’t want to be going too fast or too slow. Also the weight plates. You want to make sure that they don ‘

T touch because they’re, going to make a lot of noise so just make sure that they’re, barely like see how it’s going just make sure they’re, not touching, and slamming each , , , other , , , okay, so up next we have another hip abduction machine.

The first one focused mainly on the glutes like the butt, but this one’s. Gon na focus on like thighs long story short. Both these machines combined are going to have your thighs and your butt looking right and tight , , ,.

So for this machine you want to make sure that you can spread your just as wide as possible, because you’re, going to be like pushing them together. That’s. How you’re, going to get the machine to work, so you know the further out the better and i do three sets of 15.

So let’s, get it let’s, go , , , same thing like the other machine. You want to make sure the plates are not clacking together, because you know that’s, a common mistake when i first started the place would just be clocking.

Everyone would just be staring at me and then i figured out they’re. Not supposed to touch so just make sure they’re, not touching y’all , , , up next, we have the seated leg press and this magical machine will work your quads glutes calves and feet all in this one machine.

So this is definitely one of my favs , , ,. So for this machine you want to make sure that your are spread shoulder length apart and you’re, going to bend your knees come on down and then come on back up repeat this in a steady, controlled motion and trust me, you’re going to feel the burn, but just keep going.

I usually do three sets of 15. So let’s, get it , , , , , , alrighty up next. We have the leg curl. So the leg curl comes in two different variations. You can do the seated leg curl or you can do the lying down leg.

Curl in this video. I went ahead and do the line downward curl but um i don’t, know this machine. Isn’t really offered up many gems. So if you can’t find this machine no worries the regular seated leg.

Curl would be just fine, , , , and i usually do three sets of 15.. I know guys this one is going to burn a lot, but just keep going because you’re, definitely going to feel it at the end. You’re, going to be glad you did.

The full 3 sets of 15. , , , up next. We have the leg extension, another machine that’s, going to help strengthen up and tone your quads. So let’s, get into it with this machine. You want to make sure that you’re sitting in like a comfortable, upright position.

So if you need to adjust your seat go ahead and do that and you guys already know the drill we are going to hit three sets of 15. So let’s, get it , , ,. Of course something would happen to the bottle, as i was trying to wipe down the machine another one of my fave phase and aka the grand finale we have this glute machine.

I’m, not sure what it’s called, but just know it’s. Gon na help you with your glutes , , ,. So how this one is going to work is um. It only allows you to have like one leg on the thingy at a time.

So basically you just put one leg on this little mini stool here and then you put your other leg on the back. Stick i don’t know and you just kick back like little donkey kicks, and you will definitely feel that creasing up and plumping your and y ‘

All already know how we’re coming. We’re. Coming with that, three sets of 15 so guys finished strong. I know we’re all tied with the last machine, so just push through and we are done. , , ,. Please excuse my heavy breathing y ‘

All know we just put some work in at the gym. We really did that guys. We did a joe, we did it everybody. I hope that this workout was easy for you guys to follow. Like i said it was very beginner friendly.

I didn’t, do anything too crazy, so i hope that you guys really took something out of that and that you guys can apply that the next time you guys go to the gym. I showed you guys, you know what i do and how to use the machine.

So i really really really hope that that was of much use to somebody anybody in this world really. But thank you guys so much for watching and tuning in don’t forget to comment what you guys want to see next and like thumbs up.

If this video was helpful to you and subscribe, if you liked what you saw and you want to see more content, you all got to tell me which i want to see next, so i can hop on it and do that so feel free to leave some Suggestions down in the comments below, thank you guys so much for watching, and i hope you guys enjoyed , , , tata.



21 thoughts on “Weight loss workout routine | What I did at the gym to help me lose 70+ pounds | BEGINNER FRIENDLY

  1. I’ve heard this multiple times that if you do your exercises first or left first and cardio last it’s going to help with loosing the tummy/weight..is that how it works ?

  2. Just to let you know, I’ve been doing this routine for almost 3 weeks and I’m 3 pounds down. I haven’t been to the gym in forever so if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t know what to do!!! The first week I was at an incline of 7 but now I do 10-12! When I run I put the incline down to 7-8 and can run for two mins (I couldn’t even run for 5 secs when I started 😂😂). Now that my body is out of the beginning stages of going to gym consistently my endurance has been going up, I LOOVEEE going to the gym!! If anyone cares, I’ll keep y’all updated on my progression!!!! You’re the best ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Thanks so much for this! It was my first day back at the gym today and I had the worst anxiety last night until I watched your video which gave me a rough idea of what I want to do! ❤️ I think as a bigger girl you go into the gym thinking everyone is staring at you but they really don’t take any notice! So thanks so much for this xx

  4. Cardio
    30 minutes treadmill; starting at 7, increase incline after 10 minutes by 1.

    15 minutes stairmaster; 5 minutes regular, 5 minutes regular + glute kickbacks, 5 minutes side stepping.

    The Fun Stuff Lol/Weights
    Lateral pull downs; 3 sets of 15.

    Row machine; 3 sets of 15, last two sets one handed.

    Tricep press; 3 sets of 15.

    Hip adductors; 3 sets of 15 on both machines.

    Seated leg press; 3 sets of 15.

    Leg curls; 3 sets of 15.

    Seated leg curls; 3 sets of 15.

    Kneeling kickback machine; 3 sets of 15 each leg.

  5. Personal question, did you grow a butt or is this your natural butt? Wondering if its possible for my butt to get bigger but without doing the most strenuous strength training ever 🙂

  6. Wow this is perfect… I just had rotator cuff repair surgery 3 months ago and my Dr. has cleared me to start working out again… I was nervous because once you have an injury you fear of it happening again… Your work out routine looks easy and not impactful I will most definitely be following these steps when I go to the gym…I have 60lbs of quarantine and almost 3 months of being home due to surgery…Its time to get it in ….. Yesss!!!

  7. Awesome video! I have run 8 marathons and workout all the time. This routine you have shared is impressive. I'm going to add some of your routine to mine. Thanks! This was great.

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