WEIGHT LOSS TIPS // 9 science-backed tips to lose weight + keep it off

Most tips don’t work long-term because they focus on quick fixes. In this video, I’m…


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  1. For some reason that voice in our head that says "give up" is often louder than the one that says "keep going." So the next time you're feeling a lack of motivation, read one of these encouraging quotes to yourself for a quick pick-me-up to get you up and moving. You can Download the FREE Ebook HERE:

  2. I agree that losing weight after 30 is harder is a lie. I lost 20 lbs two years ago when I was 32 with a proper diet and low sugar, minimal sleep and not so much exercise, after my weight loss I started weightlifting and looked my best in years. Now I am doing it all over again because I gained the weight back during quarantine and showing symptoms of insulin resistance, I will have to make this a lifestyle, not something temporary since I am older now.

  3. hi! can anyone give me any tips or advice? I workout for approximately 40 mins 5-6x a week and I also don’t eat out of boredom like I used to. Science has said that exercise and healthy eating isn’t enough, that you must be physically active all day, but I’m a lazy person, and always moving is something I really don’t like. After exercising, I straight up go to bed and lay there all day, do u guys have any tips on how to stay physically active throughout the day? Something that I can do while on my phone since I’m addicted to games. I don’t really like walks as I live in a small condominium :/

  4. I am at the first phase…I have lost 21 pounds since the end of January…I am having an impatient day…
    I hadn't weighed myself in about a week or so and I weighed myself today and I have lost 3 more pounds but I feel like I should be more excited but instead I am impatient…
    Oh yeah and I am 42 and have had no problems losing weight now that I am actually trying!
    And if you read this far…I would like to add that frozen bananas are my favorite "diet" snack. It's basically my ice cream replacement.😊

  5. It's so hard…I made a great start and lost 9lbs over 2 months, then 1 bad month and gained all back! 😔 Guess it's time to try again and stick to it this time.

  6. I gained so much weight because of the Covid situation. I haven't been active outdoor as much anymore. I will try this and hope it will work. Thank you so much!

  7. The thing is I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’m following these rules some what but it’s more like guidelines. I’m loosing weight eating all these foods but in moderation. Could have never done that in the beginning.

  8. This was super helpful! I'm 18 in couple of months, and I realised I've gained a lot of weight… My family just keeps telling me that I'm still skinny etc, which isn't true.
    I'm 173cm and 85kg, which is way too much!

  9. I love this video 😍🦕 firstly, you are nowhere near 36 years old. It isn't fair. It's not true… And I am no way five years younger than you 😂🦕❤️
    Secondly, the part about eating slowly; this is such a nifty little trick! The way I related to that was odd to say the least! I was a heroin addict for about 7 years, and it reminded me of the dangers of injecting heroin, rather than smoking it! If you inject it, that's it, it's a large amount going into your body and there is no time to feel like you might be having too much, then you overdose, like food! You shovel it in so quickly that your body doesn't register fullness in time, and you've then managed to "overdose" on food! Thanks for the tips ☺️🦕

  10. I'm going to start today. I'm obsessed with the gym, but I am willing to admit I come home and snack. I've been cheating. I'm ready for a change. Who is with me?!

  11. I’m 5”8 and around 180lbs, my BMI (tested using a BMI scale) is around 24 which is the highest it has ever been. I desperately need to lose weight, ideally I want to be between 135 and 145 lbs because this is when I’m the healthiest. Anyone got any more tips or recommendations?

  12. Nice video!!!! I also had suffered from PCOD which was my biggest enemy to lose weight. But then I came to know about Planet Ayurveda. I consult them and They prescribe me some herbal medicines and also gave me a diet chart to be followed and also advised me some meditations. I followed all their advice and which came as a blessing in my life. It helped me a lot to lose weight.

  13. I know this does not fit here at all, But my friend is starting to Get a eating disorder. They dont eat anything and does not want food, Dafuq should i do as a friend plz help

  14. This video is really good for me and I need to do everything you said
    Cause I will be 20 but am fat and who wants to marry a fat girl?😭😭😭😭😭

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