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,, , ,, everyone will come back so today I’ve got a meal prep video for you guys to go along with this 30 days flat belly challenge and I’ve got 10 meal ideas for you guys. I think that is pretty amazing.

Okay, so I’ve got two breakfast ideas: five lunch and dinner ideas and three snack ideas which totals up to the so you can pick this meal with that. All that and combine it into a day or even into a week, you know or month easily, so you can just adjust the pace on your liking.

Change it up a little bit here and there doesn’t have to be exactly the same as what I did so yeah you created and let’s jump into our breakfast ideas. So I normally like to start my day with some smoothies because they are full of nutrients and they are also a lot easier to digest.

So I’ve got some celery combo here some spinach some super powder. I have a lot of brands, but these are some of the ones that are using today and some almond milk, some hemp powder and some berries.

You can go for frozen ones: ,, ,, , ,. So they go that’s, my smoothie! So I’ve added a little bit more berries because it was not sweet at all, so just basically adjust it to how you like it, and also I added a little bit more ice mmm and you can also add a little bit more berries On top, if you want to the next breakfast meal, I’m gonna make is eight muffins, so I’m gonna be using eight plant.

If you don’t like a plan, you can use zucchini, capsicum spinach and about six to seven eggs. I’m just gonna use 7/8 today so yeah. I’m gonna chop. These up and I’m gonna cook these nests and then I’m gonna mix it in with eggs and then bake it ,, ,, ,.

Now that my Muffy’s have cooled down. I’m gonna try one it doesn’t, look very pretty, but it’s very tasty. It’s. Super fluffy because of the eggplant mmm. Very nice tastes better than it looks like it looks like crap yeah I sprayed lucky ,, , , with moldy.

Next, for my lunch and dinner, I’m gonna prep, my most important ingredients and that’s. Vegetables. I’m gonna grow, some of these and also stir-fry some of these , , , , ,, , ,. Now I’m gonna cook, my first protein dish and I got chicken thigh here, some kimchi you can use cabbage.

I just roll cabbage. If you don’t have kimchi or you just buy it from Asian groceries, some coconut oils. Some ginger and spices, so I’m just gonna pop a little bit of coconut oil in here about two tablespoons.

So, while I’m waiting for my cast iron pan to heat up, I’ve got some kimchi here. I’m gonna chop, it up and chuck it in here, and these are homemade, so tasty, so healthy, no sugar added – and this are my best kimchi, so mwah.

I feel like a little chef right here. Oh, my god, so good ,, , ,. So if you don’t have kimchi, you can use Chinese cabbage or just cabbage some chili flakes or some pepper flakes like this one.

And if you want, you add some garlic, it will be so nice and season it with some salt and pepper, and this dish tastes amazing. I’ve, made it a few times already , , ,. Now I’m gonna prep. The salmon, so I’ve, just peel off the skin off the salmon because it’s.

A lot nicer that way. Trust me, the skin. It’s, gonna, be so crispy that you just love it: okay! Okay, oh now, I’m just gonna season ice cream, salt pepper, a bit of turmeric. This is optional, but turmeric is really anti-inflammatory, which is really great, some ginger, just to add a little bit of spice to the dish.

So you increasing metabolism that way: hey hey! Now we’re gonna season this side as well. Oh yeah, just gonna pop this in the oven for about nine minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. That’s after nine minutes.

Look at how good it looks so crispy, so another really easy dish to make is studies, and these are the studies that I’m using just canned sardines. They are really affordable. So all you have to do is just add some salt, some pepper.

Maybe some chili, if you want to maybe a squeeze of lemon and you can pop this in the oven or you can just pan fry it honestly, I normally just heat up on the pan and that’s. It, and here’s. Our bait sardines.

39. Now let’s cook some prawns very simple recipe. My prawns are here. I’m gonna season that, with some salt and pepper pop some garlic in I have some roasted garlic here and that’s done prawns usually take about two to three minutes to cook, so they’re.

So simple and so easy to make the last dish I’m gonna make today is a vegan dish. I’m gonna cook. Some tofu, with some eggplants I’m, say so: , ,, ,, ,, ,, ,. That’s.

My view crap. I think it’s pretty insane there’s. A lot of good here and there’s more in the kitchen as well, but anyways they are all very, very tasty. I taste that all of them – yes, so good. So for breakfast we have smoothies and also ate muffins.

The muffins are very good. Very tasty, it looks really ugly, but trust me. It’s good and for snacks we’ve got some fruits, so I’ve chosen low glycemic fruits like berries and cherries, and they are very tasty, as well as special cherries yeah in season in Australia.

Right now and also for snacks, you can have some almonds or just nuts or seeds. So if you’re allergic to nuts, you can try seeds and if you’re allergic to seeds, I’m. Sorry, you can try! Cherries, and if you’re allergic to cherries as well, you can try hummus.

This is low fat hummus. So if you have afraid of having too much calories, then these timers are really great. I generally prefer a little bit of tahini just a little bit, not too much but yeah. These are very tasty as well.

Let me just have one good and also person eggs. You can have some vegetables, so I’ve got celery, capsicum carrots, tomatoes, carrots and cucumber so yeah. If you’re hungry just grab for these things, they’re, all very healthy, very nutritious, but be careful with nuts and seeds because they’re very, very high.

In calories, but if you’re, not eating that much throughout the day, it’s totally fine. I have a lot of nuts and seeds normally, and these are all my lunch and dinner ideas. They are very good guys, so I have the kimchi chicken rice and vegetable meals.

This one is my favorite. It’s very easy to make and it’s, so tasty extremely tasty. It’s, ridiculous. It’s way too easy, and the salmon is also on my favorite. The skin is on top of the salmon itself.

This skin is so crispy guys, oh my god, , , , and we ‘ Ve got the prawn dish, the tofu vegan dish, which is very, very tasty and also studies with lots of vegetables and so yeah it can mix and match.

However, you want it to be so. Oh these meals are super healthy, very tasty. It doesn’t actually taste like a diet, food. It’s, really really good, but it’s very nutritious. They’re all whole versus nothing processed in here, all natural, so yeah.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s. Video give it a thumbs up, smash that thumbs up button and also subscribe, and ten on notifications, and I’ll, see you guys in the next video , ,, ,


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