Weak Glutes=Back Pain! (AND How To Fix It)

Back pain can occur for many reasons, but very often, weak glutes () muscles are to blame….


22 thoughts on “Weak Glutes=Back Pain! (AND How To Fix It)

  1. Got it! Laughing at yourself is a great form of communicating with large audiences and you do it well. Knowledge and presentation is an effective tool. I am working on connection with my audiences also. By Halloween you will have the set all decked out!

  2. I'll be 'that guy'. What's the story with the broken clock? I've seen it in more than one video (showing different times).

    Thanks for the videos. I'm trying to work out a kink on my right glute.

  3. Hi Dr Kristie thanks so much for the video it's already helping. On the very last exercise, the glute bridge, do you recommend repetitions or holding the position for so long? Regards. Joey

  4. Dr . Kristi I need help definitely in my glutes badly…I'm just starting my workout could you please help…in my 40 's could you please send me exercises for my weak glutes. Thank you so much ❀️

  5. Thank you Dr Kristie…
    I work 12 hour days on my feet like most hardworking ppl across the globe here in AZ…
    Thank you for your expertise πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
    Much appreciated..

  6. Dr. Kristie Ennis is so lovable and charming in her mannerisms as well as being beautiful. And full of expert knowledge she shares in every video. How could 5 people give a thumbs down? Their thumbs must have erectile dysfunction. Dr. Kristie Ennis probably has a physio solution for their limp thumbs too.

  7. Hi doc! I’m working on strengthening my glutes and I hear that releasing the hip flexor before working out the glute helps kick back the activation to the glute vs the hip. What do you think about that?

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