Weak glutes? Painful hips? Try this hip exercise – the sidelying fire hydrant

Have weak hips and ? Want to strengthen your gluteus medius and gluteus maximus?…


46 thoughts on “Weak glutes? Painful hips? Try this hip exercise – the sidelying fire hydrant

  1. Thank you for sharing. I tried this before bed and the next morning I was feeling it in my glute area. The second morning my hips felt the best they have felt in over a year. The third morning I can do a proper lunge I have never been able to do a lunge before. I have never felt my glutes before this exercise I assume they needed to be woke up. Thank you again.

  2. These are good but I need something more sportive/active. I spent about 6 months watching physiotherapists videos and trying to do things right then, I watched some "booty" videos (Celamarr and Chloe Ting and Mish Choi) and they were pumping out hundreds of hydrants and bridges. I tried that and after 5 days my hip instability has gone! My form is still really bad. So please would you do this to some pop music and show us a few hundred. Ah….I just got to the end where we are told that there is too much opportunity to cheat in the quadruped version. Certainly. I am cheating like crazy. I will try some side lying hydrants.

  3. Yes! ! I've tried so many other techniques to activate my left glute and this has been the most helpful! Felt a good cramp in my glute which Is more than I've felt with that side in awhile!

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  5. This version that you teach of the side lying leg raise single-handedly got my glutes to engage and I swear is helped with my ankle pain. Used it to rehab my gluteus medias from an ankle sprain two years ago. Now I’m doing it on the other leg since I found an imbalance from rehab. Honestly, sounds exaggerated, but this exercise changed my life. Whenever I can’t feel my glutes while doing hip thrusts or squats, or my knee starts not tracking perfectly over my toes, I do this exercise and the problem is fixed. Thank you so much! To your last point, putting your hand to the glute medius really helps btw. And yes but cramping is my favorite, that means I know I’m hitting the target muscle. I do like 100 on the side I’m trying to get better engagement/grow/develop

  6. How is it different from the clamshell exercise / tutorial u have suggested in a different video?
    Aren't they targeting the same muscles? Is this a progression of the clamshell or targets different muscles?

  7. Looks like great exercise, my left gluten is way under developed so should I be lying on my right and lifting the left leg to work on this really weak muscle set.

  8. Is there a way to strengthen glute med without separating the legs beyond a hips width apart (because it revs up my SI joint pain)?

  9. When I do this exercise (or other booty exercises) my other hip always hurts. For instance when I’m doing this exercise and lying on my left hip and moving my right leg, my left hip hurts. Do you know how to resolve this?

  10. Excellent video. Very helpful. Great instruction and photos. I have painful hip abduction, so I can only raise so far without pain. I found the progressions most helpful. Seems like the leg is slightly internally rotated thru-out.

  11. I just subscribed to your channel. I have very weak left hip and glutes that have caused terrible pain all the way to my outer ankle( nerve pain) especially sitting. I have viewed several videos of yours and your teaching method is just excellent. Showing the right and wrong way is so helpful. Just wanted to give you a big thank you

  12. Great video. Could you do a video about an exercise like this that can be done standing, especially at a track or soccer field? This looks like a great warm up for running but I definitely don't want to lie down in these places. Thanks.

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