Vinyasa Power Flow Class ♥ 20 Minute Yoga | Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary


30 thoughts on “Vinyasa Power Flow Class ♥ 20 Minute Yoga | Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary

  1. In the search for ourselves we must also search for a deeper perspective of our place and balance in this existence. We share this planet. We share nature and this earth with each other and all. To find a truer understanding of this idea maybe we have to return to when we were children, when we learned how to share and to give and to co-exist. The values taught to us in our youth sometimes can become so easily forgotten as we grow. It is our job to remember them later in life. To go back to them. And reinstate them when lost in so much important 'adult'ing.

    If you practice this flow, try to set your mind on the simple ideas of love and respect. For yourself. For this planet. For all the creatures on it. And for the life we have each been blessed with.

    … Juliana & Mark*

  2. The elephants make excellent role models. Just as they are learning to let go of their painful past, so yogis and yoginis can follow their example as we progress through the poses.

  3. Your yoga videos are absolutely my favourites of any I’ve ever done. I cannot understand the mindset of the thumbs downs.
    Thank you thank you for your gift to us. 🙏

  4. That spinal twist was amazing the moment I pushed my body down on the mat for final posture it felt gorgeous thank you so much for this amazing yoga practice with ganpati ji 🙏🙏
    (Ganpati bappa) is God having face of 🐘 in India ❤️

  5. I never even met you guys but I feel so much love coming from you, I also feel a lot of love for you guys. Thank you so much for all you do for us. 💞💞

  6. thank you with my all heart and loves from Turkey İ love you so much and İ've already been doing yoga for a long time with your videos. But please don't laugh at me, I'm also listening to your videos to clear my head..For example, your video is on right now and I am writing.

  7. What a beautiful place, and these lovely elephants really enhanced the positivity of this yoga practice. For the people that didn't like this video I can only say – go find your place with negativity somewhere else, if you don't help yourself nobody will.

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