Vertigo Treatment with Simple Exercises (BPPV) – Ask Doctor Jo

Treatment with Simple Exercises (): Simple ()…


39 thoughts on “Vertigo Treatment with Simple Exercises (BPPV) – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Im only 11 and im suffering from cevere vertigo wherever I look dizziness appears sometimes it doesnt sometimes it does I did 2 types of vertigo treatment but it wont work I did this one and it still wont work I feel dizzy what can I do?

  2. Hey doc thanks so much for this video! When I do these exercises I get a lot of pressure in my head. Would that be an inner ear issue maybe like wax buildup ? I don’t feel dizzy but more so like the ground is moving and a lot of pressure while doing these exercises

  3. I love your accent i hear a mix of southern/western if i had to giess but iv lived in cali for nearly 10 years n ppl still ask if im from NY(im from New England)

  4. I've been suffering from this for years now. Comes and goes. Comes suddenly and l can't stand. Is there a permanent cure ?

  5. doc….can u plzz tell me tht while doing this excersies does the pt feels worseing of bppv….?
    and if it is for the first tym…? does it recover or have chances of reoccurance….?
    pllzz reply to this asap

  6. Hi doctor jo I'm.desprately need help I actually suffer from vertigo since 2019-2july2021 please help my private doctor said I have vertigo but it's anxiety what the problem is …he also said that I must take anxiety pills because he don't want me to be on depression…

  7. I was just watching some video
    I felt severe dizziness
    The world was spinning!
    Even after resting the dizziness increased a lot that I have to puke twice 😔
    I will try your exercise today
    I hope this works 😭

  8. Hi Dr Joe just wondering if you have other exercises for dizziness??? I’ve been doing the exercises but it’s not helping?? Waiting to see ent & neurologist! Thank you 😊

  9. So I used these yesterday. I used the eye movement/head movement ones. I think they worked, but it took a little bit afterwards for me to feel "cured". So, should I continue doing reps of these until I feel better or stop after 5 reps and just wait it out?

  10. I dont know if i have virtigo or not… i was just laying it bed and it felt like i was dizzy and i got up and i was like out of it and it to me a sec to focas… so i did some research and it says that i might have virtigo.. so i did another exercise and it literally looked like my room was moving and I panicked and stopped… some other details are that i think my dad has virtigo too …. Pls someone help i cant sleep

    Edit: i think the non focas thing was just me being tires and struggling to get up but it is harder to focas…. Also Its like so much worse when lay on my right side and my right ear is kinda hurting… also i am very young and have really reallyyy bad health anxiety and im scared to tell someone

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