Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser Treatment With FemTouch

Take Control of Your Health with FemTouch Vaginal Laser Rejuvenation. Enjoy a complimentary consultation with Dr. Michael S. Mall, M.D. –

With normal aging, many women begin noticing symptoms related to their vaginal health that can negatively affect their lifestyle.

For example, 33% of women complain of vaginal dryness, nearly 50% of post-menopausal women suffer from stress urinary incontinence and nearly 80% suffer from some degree of vaginal atrophy resulting in various symptoms such as:

Bladder leakage (incontinence)
Dryness (uncomfortable sexual intercourse, pulling sensation, pain)
Vaginal laxity (sagging skin)
Unbalanced pH levels
UTIs (urinary tract infections)
Lack of sexual sensation
Painful Intercourse (sex)

FemTouch™ is an out-patient, minimally invasive, non-surgical, non-hormonal treatment for vaginal rejuvenation and improving vaginal health. 

New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center in Las Vegas, NV, performs vaginal tightening procedures using FemTouch.

FemTouch is a series of laser treatments taking place over a three month period.

The first appointment includes one internal and one external treatment. Then, one internal treatment every four weeks for two consecutive months.

Patients report a noticeable improvement within a few days of the first treatment and tissue continues to rebuild up to six months later. So the results just keep getting better over time!

With FemTouch™ you no longer have to live with painful and embarrassing feminine situations. 

Enjoy a complimentary consultation with Dr. Michael S. Mall of the New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center in Las Vegas to find out if this procedure is right for you.


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