UW Health Massage Therapy and Bodywork

We start with a brief discussion regarding your needs, the plan for the session and answer any questions or concerns that you as a client may have the therapist steps out of the room as the client gets ready on the table.

The client is fully draped with the sheet and a blanket or is wearing athletic apparel if necessary. Only the body part being treated is undraped as a therapist works in this area, from Swedish to deep tissue and sports, massage to cranial sacral therapy, energy work and myofascial release, we work with you to design the session you want for some.

That may be pure stress. Relieving relaxation for others it may be an area specific session focused on one or two body parts, others request relief from chronic pain or an increased range of motion for easier movement.

The benefits of bodywork include improving body awareness, decreasing tension and pain, preventing injuries and an increase in circulation, among others,

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