Two Men Go From Obese to Six-Pack Abs

Meet Noah, who lost 186-pounds and Eugene who went from obese to working as a male . They…


43 thoughts on “Two Men Go From Obese to Six-Pack Abs

  1. While everyone’s judging and busy talking smack. I’m just going to point out something very very truthful of what the first gentleman said about nutrition and diet. If you don’t watch out for what you eat, it will not matter how hard you sweat at the gym.

  2. This guy was horrible to me when I worked with him for a month. Cancelled 2 out of 4 appt’s and blew up insulting me when I asked him for a refund for what he didn’t show up for. Save your money. He’s got 100 clients and can’t give full attention to anyone! Most unprofessional guy I’ve ever worked with. Save your money…he’s full of BS!

  3. What the heck Eugene wasn’t really that heavy though he was just taking pics at that double-neck angle to make him look fatter come on it was just an excuse for him to show off he knew he was gonna get shredded.

  4. My heart filled with gratitude and appreciation to Dr Imhans on youtube for curing my HIV with his natural roots and herbs. Am now perfectly okay. God bless you for me…

  5. The most important question is how to mantain weight and body build up after you have achieved your desired body type.
    Sadly nobody asked this question.

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