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45 thoughts on “TOTAL GLUTE ISOLATION EXERCISES | No Leg Activation!

  1. Do you know of an alternative to the t bar exercises? I don’t think my gym has one.

    Would I lift heavy first and then do all these or do these before I lift heavy?

  2. i heard that growing your hamstrings isn’t too good because then you grow both your hams and glutes which kind of eliminates the curve. i’m trying to grow my glutes without growing my hamstrings to get more of a curve

  3. i have very nasty body but since i do workout ,plank especially and mostly im using resistance band and dumbell,now im loving my body.i can wear whatever i want without feels shame like before.

  4. I love this workout video. I can do some of these at home since I have my own weights and band. Also, watching an Asian Youtuber gives my Asian genes hope for better curves. Waiting for your Ultimate Booty Builder Band Bundle & Plan to be available again so I can order!

  5. You’re my favorite fitness YouTuber. Your videos are so well edited, you explain everything so clearly, and I love that there’s no BS… no overtalking or explaining. Thank you for putting so much effort into your videos.

  6. Hi Lucy! 🙂 Love this kind of video! Do more, more, MORE videos about exercises that engaged glutes and not LEGS! 😀 I have a question for you… This exercises envolved hamstrings? Because I don't really love mine to be bigger! Thanks <3

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