Top Core Exercises For Low Back Pain, Including Spondylolisthesis & Stenosis

Top For Low , Including Spondylolisthesis & Stenosis

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36 thoughts on “Top Core Exercises For Low Back Pain, Including Spondylolisthesis & Stenosis

  1. Thank You! I have Spondy and Scoliosis and have really been struggling to find ways to strengthen and support my back. All of your videos are so helpful, especially for us over 60 viewers.

  2. My right S-I joint has been popping out ever since we got a sleep number bed 10 years ago. I can often do a yoga squat to help it slip back in, but I know I need to strengthen my core muscles to really help out. And there are many times when, no matter what I do, it just won't stay in. My other big problem is that I also have late- stage, chronic Lyme disease which has given me in- going severe nerve pain and arthritis. As a result, I cannot bear weight on my knees or my shoulders. What to do???

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  4. As we still in lockdown I not done much moving when I do get lot of pain with my back & hips, probably not the best thing to do!

    Till this evening thought can't keep on like this. Tried exercise finally got some improvement with back pain.I

    Can't do all the exercise yet.
    Many thanks

  5. Thanks Bob & Brad……forget about if a can do this sets of exercise on bed…yesterday I did that same set on the floor and I feel amazing….Back pain is GOOOOONE.. I FEEL HAPPY AGAIN..I Will follow this routine exactly as you recommend.A am subscribed and waiting for your next video.🙏👍

  6. Would an elliptica bel a good exercise machine to use when a person has lower back issues? The teeter inversion is helping me a lot! I am 70 years old and I work out on the total gym every day and was doing great after a couple years and then I got on the elliptical and my lower back started giving me problems. I’ve worked up to 30 minutes a day on The elliptical so I’m doing good but the pain afterwards is almost unbearable. I do those ab exercises on the inversion table and the total gym but it seemed that the elliptical caused more pain.

  7. You two can be doofuses all day long, and I’ll still watch every video you create! I have spondylolisthesis and stenosis and I have had so much trouble with my PT. I tried this with my ball and was able to do these a little bit. Thank you both, you are awesome 🤩

  8. Ten years ago had both hips replaced. I have severe DJD back is shot. Both shoulders. Etc. it gives relief when I bend over or lean on something I’m going to give this a try. 🥰

  9. Bob and Brad. Thanks for this awesome videos I had an X-ray done degenerative disk disease also called stenosis..I have no back pain But I have left side piriformis and sciatica been 4 months. Now I feel right stabbing pain on the left hip side and right hamstrings same side of the piriformis I know you have videos on piriformis and sciatica ..I will add these exercises. I did the first exercise with the ball in PT and it feels good will these exercises help eventually cure piriformis and sciatica. ??

  10. Hi guys!
    I am a landscaper and a few years ago i was down at a new beach with my partner.
    It was very beautifull and i went for a spur of the moment run and got tendonitis.
    I tried many things and struggled with it for over a year untill a friend showed me your vid on treating it and it has really helped me recover.
    I hurt my lower back the other day chainsawing and i started doing these excercises and they have helped me immensly so far.
    Just want to say i appreciate you guys for posting these.

    Cheers from Australia!

  11. Hi guys. I work in healthcare and spend a lot of time learning over and turning patients which I know contributes to my Sciatica (right side) and lower back pain. I get terrible pain in the side of my of my knee although I'm taking Amitriptyline for that. Sometimes can do 3, 12 hr shifts in a row and the ward floors are concrete underneath. Roughly walk 15,000 steps per shift.
    Do you think these exercises could be my saving grace? I've tried so many others without much success.

  12. Yeah I love you guys near fort Tejhon, I hate when I sleep and the side of my left leg hurts( I have what brad has, I think on the other side) and the 5 bad disc's and I was born with some, well I love you guys thanks 😇🐾🐈🐕‍🦺🐕🌻🥑🌲

  13. These suggestions are awesome! I go to a pain specialist, get steroid injections and remain in pain. Just read about doing planks – forget it! Spoken to 2 surgeons and both want to do a laminectomy. I've held off so far, and will definately try these exercises – ya'll are the best!

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