Top 9 Exercises For Smaller Waist

Side Bends
Knee Raises
Knee Tuck Crunch
Heel Touch
Russian Twist
Side Plank Pulse Right and…


42 thoughts on “Top 9 Exercises For Smaller Waist

  1. Hey y’all I want to share my results for two weeks! My goal is to get toned and a smaller waist! I will also be doing this twice a day. And I will be having a healthier diet. 😁
    Before: Waist-26 inches 66 cm
    I am 5’7 and weigh 116
    Day one ✅: I really like this workout my abs are burning I love itttt!
    Day two: ✅ my abs are so sore doing this 😂
    Day three: ✅ love this! I have been less bloated too!
    Day four: ✅ I can’t explain how much I love this workout it’s so fun! I also areadoy notice less bloating and my waist looks smaller. It is too it’s 65 cm!
    Day five:✅ getting easier and lot of fun!
    Day six:
    One week!!:
    Day eight:
    Day nine:
    Day ten:
    Day eleven:
    Day twelve:
    Day thirteen:
    Day fourteen:
    Day fifthteen:
    Day sixteen:
    Two weeks!!:

  2. Marvelous! I've been searching for body curving exercises for hours on YouTube and I finally found what I exactly want!
    To be honest, there were a lotta professionalists' videos about it, but they didn't satisfy my expectations. I wanna glow up at all aspects: physically, emotionally and mentally for getting prepared for the new school year. You know, lockdowns due the increased numbers of COVID-19 infected cases, their stress, depression ruined people all over the world and people at all ages gained much weight than ever before. It's like a program, its coach tips, rest time, graphics, explanation are wholesome. Please, keep going like this, now I'm your one the new subscribers.👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Day 1✅: First time foing the excercise! Felt good, especially with stretches before hand. The side plank pulse is quite hard to do for me, I feel as if my arm is lowkey gonna dislocate, though I'm not sure if that pressure applied on it and the pain is a part of doing this excercise. I will continue to do this for one week and see how it goes!

  4. omg really try this one
    thank you✨🎈very much
    i tried this for only 4 days and stopped cuz i thought this wasnt affecting but i wrong the next day i found my waist to be smalller in size🤧🤧🤧 thank you its not only been 1 week doin this workout but affects cab be seen🤧🤧🥑

  5. After curves and glutes… I tried doing this smaller waist… You guys can't believe In 2 weeks I can see the results and Im very happy for that.. 😍. A lots of thanks to this channel from RV corner❤️

  6. Is over a year I exercise with you (I was active all my life 5F and size small petite now size XS from size 6 petite to extra small petite and in very good shape. One question is there any for thighs to make them more round with out any kind of jumping ( because of the colon cancer I had few operation that means not able to do them all). Every day I do lower belly and ABS standing work out, Smallest waist and do the Hips , in between I do work for gluts as well. Total is 60 Minuets. Your new video are good but your voice is not much the action and do not show time for rest and in total not as good as before. But I like the way they start and they show from close. From Ontario, Canada. Sia. PS: Thank you Roberto.

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