Top 5 Gluteus Medius Exercises

Top 5 Gluteus Medius Exercises

In this video I’m, going to show you the five exercises to target the gluteus medius. Hi and welcome back to physio 3 toes. The gluteus medius is an important stabilizer of the femur and pelvis during weight-bearing activities, with the highest activation observed during the stance phase of the gate, with its anterior middle and posterior fibers.

It accounts for 60 % of the total hip AV, dr. muscle, cross-sectional area hip. A reduction and external rotation weakness have been associated with patellofemoral pain syndrome due to defect that it might lead to need algis, hip a deduction and hip internal rotation, a position that can place increased stress on the knee when designing a strengthening or rehab program for patients.

There are multiple factors that a role in the exercise: selection. One of those factors is the degree of muscle activation that can be achieved by a certain exercise and measured by mg. Hey, I am a Nadal, did a systematic review in the year 2012 and evaluated the activation of the gluteus medius and several exercises here are the top 5, with the highest activation from low to high? Have your patient lying on the side with the head resting on his arms with the upper leg slightly extended and the heel as the highest point, this prevents patients from using their core TfL and quads too much.

Then the patient lifts his upper leg up with a straighten, the exercise can be progressed with resistance bands or by rolling a gym ball up and down a wall. If this is too hard, have your patients bend the knee to decrease the leave arm, but be careful that it do not fall into external rotation? This exercise mainly targets the patient’s, ability to control pelvis on FEMA AV duction and a deduction in a combination of concentric and eccentric muscle actions.

Have your patient stand on a stepper with one foot and ask him to drop the free leg by allowing the hip on the standing leg, to fall into a deduction? Be careful that your patient keeps his need on the standing leg extended at all times.

You can progress this exercise by holding a weight on the side of the free leg in this exercise. The has to work isometrically in the standing leg and it’s, a great exercise to improve coordination and balance.

It also targets other hip muscles and works to hamstrings eccentric ly. Have your patient slightly bend the standing leg and extend the knee of the free leg, then ask a patient to flex the hip of the standing leg.

While you keep a straight back, be careful that your patient’s, toes of the free leg point to the floor, to prevent too much rotation at the hip. The patient can also put his hands on the pelvis, to have visual input and to correct rotation of the hip and trunk to progress.

This exercise, you can use a ball ball or have your patient hold on to a weight. This is another great functional exercise that targets almost all muscles of the lower leg and has high coordinated demands.

Have your patient stand on a stepper and have them touch the floor with the heel of the free leg? You can progress. This exercise by increasing a stepper hide and regress it by having them sit and get up from a cube.

[, Music, ] and the winner is side bridge to neutral, physician, also known as side planks. Have you? Patients lie on the side that they want to work out, then have to push up on the elbow and keep the upper and lower body in one line and hold this position for as long as possible to progress this exercise and to target the upper leg.

At the same time, the patient has to lift the upper leg. This can be done, concentrically for several repetitions or it can be held in the AV ducted position. Isometrically be aware that EMG activity is only one factor that you should take into account when designing an exercise program.

So while it can be a good basis to know how well a certain muscle is targeted, you should further analyze your patient’s. Functional needs and take other factors like joint angle, open and closed chain coordinated demands, sensory motor feedback level of irritability and skill of your patient into account to select suitable exercises.

A book that I personally find complex but amazing in sports. Specific rehab is strength and coordination by Franz Bosch, which you can find a link for in the description down below all right. This is our video on the five exercises to target the gluteus medius.

If you are curious about the five best exercises to target the gluteus, maximus check out the video right next to me, as always, I hope you enjoyed watching this video feel free to give it a thumbs up.

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  1. This exercises will NOT work for those people who are NOT stable to stand ( steady ) Especially the elderly who has Glutes Medius gait issues

  2. In case someone likes a bit more "action": Some martial arts kicks like the side kick or round kick train the gluteus medius really well, especially if you hold the kicking leg in the end position a bit. Plus you gain flexibility, balance, strength in other muscles etc. etc.

  3. On most exercises I always try to focus on the concentric, isometric, and eccentric aspects of the exercise for muscle health and conditioning as well as tendon and ligament health. Do you think this is a good strategy for overall muscular skeletal health ?

  4. I did that one exercise lying on my right side with my right elbow touching the floor,once i lifted my left leg i felt a huge stretch in the right side of my torso what does this mean? thanks

  5. so when this has trigger points does it mean its weak?? i only have trigger points in my left leg and comes mostly from sitting in the car. any suggestions on how to improve posture in the car to improve this?

  6. Thank you so much for explaining each one with right way and wrong way. This is the best video I watched regarding this exercises. Thank you so much. 🙏🙏🙏

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