Top 3 Scoliosis Core Exercises

Here are my top 3 to increase strength in . As I mention in the video,…


28 thoughts on “Top 3 Scoliosis Core Exercises

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. My son's left back is higher than his right. He has autism and it is usually difficult to get him to do anything. I am worried with his back situation. So are these exercises suitable for him? Or are there much easier ones that at least I can make him do? Because I tried the normal plank exercise but I can't get him to raise his body. Such a struggle he can only put his elbows on the floor but he can't lift his body like what should be done. Thank you and I would greatly appreciate any advice.

  2. I have mild scoliosis and I've been doing exercises and though they're not really intense there are times when I feel a slight pain from my nape down my back. Watching your video made me realize that I'm doing it wrongly by shrugging my shoulders up. Thanks for posting this!

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