TONE YOUR LEGS | 40 min Leg, Thigh & Glute Workout (Resistance Band)

Hey Squad here is Training Session 2 of the Resistance Band Series!!
Order the MrandMrsMuscle…


40 thoughts on “TONE YOUR LEGS | 40 min Leg, Thigh & Glute Workout (Resistance Band)

  1. Thank Mrs M. Came across this by accident and it's now firmly on my 'repeat' list. It feels a bit like a hard swimming session for me. Really enjoyed it. Thank you. x

  2. Good but the break are way too lonnnng which makes de video boring. i had cardio before and sweat… i was getting cold doing this exercise. 10s 15s break would be more than enough. Nthing too hard here to break 30s or 1mns

  3. For those step up knee up – my bands keep rolling every time. It got to the point where I just gave up using them and did the move without them. What can I do differently that will keep them from rolling?

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