Tim Boniface: The Ultimate Men's Health Guy

Meet Tim Boniface, the 2015 Ultimate Men’s Guy!


7 thoughts on “Tim Boniface: The Ultimate Men's Health Guy

  1. So he gets a cover because of his tragic life… Sheesh can the media ever give the people a break from this? It's no wonder they play up the stereotype to garner in more subscribers. Oh and you can't sell Health if the people they're selling to everyone is 250 pounds, was anyone a bit angry at this? Gee, what's the point of discussing it when these are magazines only a few give attention.

  2. You inspire me man, when I was a kid I wanted to be a firefighter just like you, but then fifteen years later I decided that I want to be a police officer. But what I love is how much you had overcome losing your father your brother and friends. I never grew up with a father or any siblings, and I've lost grandfather 3 years ago and a friend. It was just empowering that there are people like you who risk their lives and have experienced somethings that I have and it's really cool to see you out there you're awesome and you inspire me thank you so much. I workout alot too, I hope to reach your physique some day!

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