THIS is How to Lose Fat (WORKS EVERY TIME!)

If you are wondering then you are going to want to watch this video. It…


29 thoughts on “THIS is How to Lose Fat (WORKS EVERY TIME!)

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  2. I went from being lean and decently muscular (just from simple workouts 2 or 3 times a week, wasn’t serious about gaining a lot of muscle just wanted to keep fit) and after multiple fucked up shit I dealt with the last 2 years I began drinking heavily and gained a lot of belly fat and love handles. the rest of my body is still nice, muscular (from work) but I got titties now lol and still drinking… and today I woke up saw myself in the mirror and felt like shit. i have to take my body back, I don’t recognize who I’ve become. I thought it could never happen to me. But it did. I’ll come back to this comment some time later and post an update if anyone is interested. I’ll come back new😎

  3. Me raising hand 🙋🏾‍♂️ in class to ask a question.

    “Mr. Math teacher 👨‍🏫, I have a question. The assumptions for the variables F and C seem a bit tricky. The assumptions made at the beginning seem to contradict at the end.

    At the beginning of the class, I had assumed F and C variables as below:
    F = Fasting
    C = Cheap food (or fast food)

    But nearing the end of the class I’m a bit confused as the variables seem to have been reassigned indefinitely. Pls clarify.”

  4. Why do people from North America always think that their recipe is the best thing in the world, how are we supposed to know that when they never share it?
    What is the point of having a recipe if nobody else can taste it? #SharingIsCaring

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