The Undisputed #1 Butt Shaping & Strengthening Ex. (Glute Training by World Expert)

The Undisputed #1 Butt Shaping & Strengthening Ex. (Glute Training by World Expert)



24 thoughts on “The Undisputed #1 Butt Shaping & Strengthening Ex. (Glute Training by World Expert)

  1. Ye fuck that. Bret knows his shit but he didnt invent goddamn hip thrust 🤦‍♀️ I’ve been doing that exercise before freakin social media existed 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Or before I even knew who the guy was. As a matter of fact,I’ve been doing so many of the exercises before I even saw them one day on social media. Its one thing doing research on how much muscle activation you get in a certain exercise,or doing extra research on how much it improves performance,or simply making it popular, and its another one saying you invented something thats been done before… so ye,Contreras did make it popular,but far from inventing it 🤷‍♀️ simple as that

  2. @bobandbrad I think it's important to inform people NOT to do exercises on their toes. It's crucial for bone and joint health and there are a lot of beginners (as well as advanced) patients and people who don't distribute their weight evenly and basically balance on their toes or balls off their feet. Also, can you show some hip strengthening exercises. Is the yoga ball/workout ball good for people with injured or weak knees? Eg: modified push-ups, knee strengthening?

  3. The information from Bob & Brad is always GREAT… but what I love the most about them is that their banter/style has not changed in all the years I’ve been watching them (I’m one of the OG fans). The only thing different is their lighting and HD! 😂 You guys are great – thanks for the fine info and the entertainment!

  4. They had closed our gyms for covid recently and as a back up did single leg glute bridges , 20 each leg and then 1 min plank, 5 sets of that and you have a decent little workout

  5. Ive started doing weighted hip thrusts (booty buster machine) in the gym and supplementing with glute kick back machine. they are enjoyable to do, it does seem a pity that the glutes are seen as vanity or chick exercises. Not sure if I will notice anything or not but going to do them 3 times a week, also meant to be good for injury prevention

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