The Try Guys Try CrossFit

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34 thoughts on “The Try Guys Try CrossFit

  1. Just for fun – "Ganbatte!" roughly translates to "Do your best!", and is what you shout at your friends to encourage them 🙂 It's super cute that they picked it for their name!

  2. I like learning about new workouts and maybe one day I will have the opportunity to try this but for now I'll stick to my rebounding (jumping on trampoline) and pilates 🙂

  3. First, I love Keith's shirt.

    Second, this was a great video! I've always been wary of gyms and crossfit, but having the guys be together and an awesome trainer makes those fears a little less.

  4. Clapping after someone’s workout is normal, don’t feel like they are being patronizing. When someone sets a pr or does a good job us gym bros hype it up. It’s a part of the Chad culture 😂

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