The Truth About The Current State of CrossFit

In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer the question “What are your current thoughts on…


39 thoughts on “The Truth About The Current State of CrossFit

  1. I don’t care what any person says about what their CrossFit gym does….. the basis of CrossFit involves doing complex movements in a setting where your rewarded for moving through them fast.
    No Olympic coach would ever recommend that for safety reasons.

    You can like CrossFit. But don’t argue that it’s the most effective way to train or that it’s even remotely safe

  2. Most the CrossFit boxes aren’t focusing on WOD scores and extreme high intensity anymore. What I’m experiencing is they use movements varying from Olympic lifting to girevoy sport to calisthenics for strength and conditions purposes.

  3. I love these guys but I don’t get why they keep hating on CrossFit. CrossFit has changed the lives of so many people. It has done more good than bad if any.

  4. It’s gold reading these comments. A ton of people clearly didn’t watch the video, just saw the title and came to shit on anything that isn’t their holy grail of CrossFit 😂

  5. I enjoyed doing crossfit for a while.I do agree that a large percentage will get injured.And before you fanboys pile on, I feel most people dont take the time to use proper form on any program.Crossfit requires more training experience.

  6. I love crossfit. its fun. you go work out and actualy work out. Thses guys are the dudes that talk for 30 minutes by the squat rack and not a single squat done. Also Genesis health clubs are trash

  7. I am 40, overweight, I have been in crossfit for two years now and I don't really agree with what they are saying. Yes, it is really tough and yes in these two years I have injured myself more than the rest of my life(when I have done absolutely no exercise). Gym is boring for me and I don't find motivation to go. I have try several times and after 1 month I am out (of going, I still pay for another 4 months wishing I will go back) all the aerobic classes are fine but they become repetitives and there is not a lot of progression, once you are able to survive one week it gets really easy. I have been with a personal trainer before entering crossfit but if you are not wealthy you are really going to struggle to find one that cares for you and at the end of the day. When you are overweight the personal trainer is going to make you do a lot of HIIT anyways and that is exactly what you would do on crossfit. I see crossfit a lot like the poor people PT. The reason I go to crossfit and I will try to keep going till I hit the bucket is because it is easy. I wake up in the morning, I go there and that is all I have to do, that is all the willpower that I need. The monitor will make sure that I have an hour of extreme agony and I don't have to worry about anything else. Every day is different, every day is "fun" and the competitive environment only affects the guys on the top tier. It is true that is not perfect. In my opinion, It would be nice if there were some planning ahead. sometimes it looks random and reckless like doing a lot of legs 3 days in a row and things like that. Also I agree that those complex exercises make no sense and they should change them for some safer ones. In my humble opinion, crossfit is far from perfect but it is the best thing. You guys are personal trainers, if you have some issues with crossfit, I suggest you fix it, open your own thing and I will be the first in line.

  8. Sounds like alot of Haters. Any good Crossfit gym isn't like that everyone is at there own level and can scale accordingly. The majority of gym goers aren't competitive athletes. They are just there to improve there overall health and fitness level. It is hard to find an exercise discipline where you will find athletes that are more well rounded and have a combination of strength and endurance. Usually in other disciplines it is on one extreme or another and not a balance. BTW what are these guys accomplishments anyway? They clearly don't appear to be high level athletes themselves and I am doubtful they coach any either but I would be glad to hear there Bios.

  9. Same ,started with boring bodybuiding and switched to CrossFit…never look back.
    These guys don't know nothing !
    When I was body building …and switched to CrossFit ,first time did a arm raise squat with 8kg kettle bells …my core gave in .
    Now after a month I'm doing PHARAOH WORKOUTS DESIGNED BY ME!!!!


    Arm raise squats 10
    Arm lifts dips squats 5
    Shoulder lift squats X10
    Lateral arm lift squats 15
    Reverse arm lift dip squats x 15
    Front row dips 10
    Calf lifts to squats 10
    Single arm lift squats L/R 5 each
    Lunge front 15
    Lunge backwards 15
    Arm curls to squats 10.
    Bent row shoulder lifts 15

    For elite crossfitters rep at 40 repetitions .
    Good luck and woooooooooooaaassshhhhhh SONS AND DOTTIRS

  10. *Bro’s come ooon. Why did YT even put this up on my feed.

    *This would be my last comment but let me say this to void any other point you bro’s made. 2:10 “Suffering” in a gym as an appeal, and saying it is “an environment of (sufferage????)”. That is not a word Oakland A’s bro. *Suffrage is a word (right to vote). If you’re going to misspeak (which is understandable & happens) at least edit out you embarrassing yourself.

    Initial post: Yeah guys have to comment here. I don’t preach Xfit but have been heavily involved for (9) years, but y’all F’d this all up. Y’all just filled in time w/ misdirected feel good statements & are not providing an ideal perspective of human existence & exercise (such as *injuries, saw one guy below made the correct quick point F man you do anything in life and can get heavily injured, even sitting sedentary). You can become more in tune w/ your body via crossfit & poss prevent future injuries.

    And a massively unhealthy person not comfortable performing Xfit is not a knock against Xfit, scale the shit to whatever.

    Damn even I know the inner issues w/ Xfit but damn guys whatever this is come on.

  11. Stop the hate on CrossFit already! Stop criticizing what other people do to stay healthy and active other than what you believe or promote? Why not send a positive message instead than bashing others? Use your platform to encourage a healthy lifestyle, as society we have enough bashing going on as it is. Be of service and make a difference!

  12. CrossFit works for some but just not me 🤷🏽‍♀️ whatever gets you consistently active and keeps you healthy is for you…even if you’re not overly pushing yourself but still doing enough to stay healthy is all that matters

  13. CrossFit should be taken as a "display" of your fitness and mettle in a competition environment.

    It is a hybrid of many disciplines and not necessarily better than any of its components/ingredients.

    If cardiovascular fitness is the goal, then HIIT workouts are no inferior, specially tabata that initially was designed to maximize VO2Max.

    If muscular endurance and body composition is the goal, bodyweight circuits, calisthenics workouts, and barbell complexes can not be underestimated.

    If ultimate strength is the goal, traditional weightlifting and strength programs can't be surpassed. CrossFit shall not take your squat/deadlift from 135 to 455 faster than typical strength training.

    If fat loss is the goal, all above are good options to use systematically. There is really no need to combine these into a hybrid mix in the name of CrossFit, P90X, MetCons, etc. Better train each fitness modality at its own in separate workouts.

    Biggest problem with CrossFit is that, depending on the WOD, you are executing very complex barbell lifts in a fatigued state, exhausted, gasping for breath, and still pushing reps after reps, rounds after rounds, faster and faster to beat the competitors and it really gets risky under such chaotic circumstances because you don't know when the safe form is lost as your focus is always on completing the reps and rounds and winning over others.

    It is never safe for a person to bang out 15 clean & jerks under 1 minute towards the end of an exhausting WOD if he already has not much experience of C&J with excellent technique. Technique issues have always been with CrossFit since ever just because of above mentioned discussion.

    For a person in his 40s or 50s who has been sedentary and is out of shape and needs to loose weight, CrossFit is never a reasonable (let alone a good) choice to start with. He shall be better served with afore mentioned options.

    As I said in the start, CrossFit is good only as a competition where you display your fitness qualities that you have already built with other disciplines. CrossFit doesn't build them better or quicker than any of its ingredient components.

  14. I started with body building, turned to CrossFit. Absolutely love it. I put more effort into my mobility and work of percentages a lot of criticism I see here is talking about CrossFit without actually having done it. I only workout at a high intensity 1 a week and stay roughly 70% for the rest scaling back weight. Working on flowing and good movement patterns. Totally disagree with you guys. The CrossFit athlete you describe is the same gym bro who goes to the gym and Maxes out every lift every day and lifts with ego.

  15. This is like a comment section on a video that criticizes a religion or vegans. It’s a brand that has many different approaches. If it’s dishonest to say that CrossFit is bad, because of the bad programming of some boxes, then it’s dishonest to say “CrossFit is (blank).”

  16. I don't have an athletic background. I was 270 lbs. Started at a CrossFit gym. 5 years later I'm now down to 205-210 and in the best shape of my life. No personal trainer or globo gym or online program got me to that much weight loss. So I'll respectfully disagree with all of the generalizations you've made about CrossFit. Unless you've actually walked into a competent CrossFit gym and tried their programming from coaches who care, I don't think you can make any judgements on CrossFit.

  17. Oh because bodybuilding is so fun and exciting please no body builder can even run .25 of a mile without having a stroke but again coming from someone who’s been working out for 20 years what do I know.

  18. Every "bro lifter" I know has tones of injuries. I dont know any at my current crossfit gym with injuries. Facts. I blew out both shoulders, knees and back power lifting. Had to start crossfit to rehabe

  19. People hate crossfit mostly because its the cool thing to do like a bunch of teenagers in high school. Just like every other training modality it has its perks and downsides. I think its actually pretty awesome if you just remove the kipping pull up shit. And the most funny thing is the ones who are crying about the injuries and joints are ones who have zero mobility from all the single joint and isolation exercises.

  20. Comparing CrossFit training to Neil Maddox and Jason Khalipa is like saying general population that like playing rec football shouldn’t train like an NFL player. Obviously. Every sport or training methodology has their varying degrees of entry, progression, and intensity. CrossFit is no different as a whole.

  21. Redundant and old thinking here. I train CrossFit in my garage gym. I’m 38 and am only getting stronger and fitter each day. I have 2 little kids so train during their nap time. I only have 30-60 mins, so if I want progression, I have no better methodology than CrossFit.

    If I was lazy and had 2 hours, I could do the same work or even less and just rest a fuck load in between. But I think one of the reasons people love CrossFit is for the mental struggle through the physical work.

  22. CrossFit boxes have 19 year old girls warming up with the weights most of you guys use on working sets. “CrossFit isn’t really CrossFit anymore.” Brilliant comment because nothing should ever progress or change. When is the shirts off video coming? I’m seeing mostly dad bods under those tats. The primary thing that gets you hurt in a CrossFit box is the same thing that gets you hurt in any gym. Ego. Nothing wrong with 16% BF boys keep those educated opinions coming. All that mouth flapping is definitely burning cals. The experts are here folks!! Listen up this channel will take you far. 😂

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