The Sad, Sad Story Of Mike Chang and Six Pack Shortcuts (AKA

I remember seeing Shortcuts ads when I was younger, and looking at how the channel has…


29 thoughts on “The Sad, Sad Story Of Mike Chang and Six Pack Shortcuts (AKA

  1. For those of you who say it's not a scam, or defending them…you cannot eat like a pig and lose fat because you do a special kind of workout. The afterburn effect is not NEARLY as big as people think.

    If Mike Chang got you into fitness, fair enough. There's certainly SOME good that can come from these kinds of channels. But they've had some EXTREMELY questionable marketing practices over the years. When I say they were a scam, I don't use that word lightly. They were. They just had some good advice mixed in. Still a scam.

    There's a very strong likelihood that these guys inspired the monstrosity that is vshred. They have VERY similar marketing styles, the only difference is that Vshred is earlier in the product life cycle. Vshred also has some tidbits of good advice. But again, mostly a scam.

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  2. 4:10 listen up yo.. this purely got me to sub to you. why? cause the effects are so believable. how you snapped those heads on those people, so real…. can't even tell you glued it somehow. excellent work my dude.

  3. Yes mike was in it for the money but at least I’m the the early days his heart was in the right place. After he left is when the channel completely sold out because he used to show us content and promote his stuff but the later videos were just ads with occasional workouts. The downfall of six pack shortcuts wasn’t entirely on mike. He gave good advice and had solid workout videos I just don’t know why you are so offended by him about a channel that he left

  4. Mike does have good vids tho. Ignore the cheesy marketing and there are good nuggets. You use marketing to title this vid right ? McDonald’s uses nice marketing to temp us to eating their crap which’d kill us if we lived off it. Yet do we think McDonald’s is a scam?

  5. Sixpackshortcuts didn't die because people found out. It's because Mike Chang sold the channel, cashed out, and moved on. The guy is insanely charismatic and has a way to relate to younger guys. I believe if he was still the face of the channel he would have continued to be the top fitness youtuber in terms of subs and views.

  6. Used to watch them when Mike was at the helm. He inspired me to start working out and I got pretty good results. Definitely wasn’t a scam for me.

  7. I agree with you that this channel is garbage, but you really need to stop demanding youtube cancel people. Yes their info sucks, but that's for adults to determine on their own. We dont need youtube using the peoples truth to determine which fitness channels they like. Trust me when I saw that will only lead to 500 pound pansexual youtubers telling us that exercise is a form of white supremacy.

  8. He was the first trainer i watched and learned from, in fact i also got a 6 packs from doing his workout routines in 3 months, if there is a shortcut in the name that doesn't literally means shortcut, we all know it all takes time, it was just to draw attention which they technically did. Overall the abs workouts were good on his channel

  9. "Hello you multi-cellular organisms" Shout-out to all the aliens watching this 300 years from now with their universal translator!

  10. They actually did put out good content. I’m not so sure all fo their content was the best, but they had an at home workout I tried that was killer. But I am guessing that the part where they scammed people was not the content in their videos, but the stuff they tried to sell us

  11. Thanks to mike Chang I was able to see my abs just working out at home…don’t know why they deleted their videos . I will gladly buy the videos because they did work for me

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