The perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss

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21 thoughts on “The perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss

  1. I could listen to Jason all Day! I’m here to tell any newbies that dietary intervention totally works in reversing your diabetes. I simply don’t understand why most Canadian doctors are lying about how to treat this. I guess there is no money in good health!

  2. So if T2D is controlled through fasting and omitting sugar and carbs then surely it's going to have to be a complete lifetime change. Once you go back to eating normally will you go back to T2D?

  3. Excellent Jason. It makes complete sense. Lower the carbohydrates and get rid of sugar completely.
    Fast; at first only maybe 12 hours a day and slowly build it up.
    why are doctors still prescribing insulin for type 2 diabetes, when what you say is now well accepted?
    It can only be because the pharmaceutical companies do not want doctors to stop prescribing insulin.
    Also, it will make the doctors appear ignorant to the patients.
    I almost got banned from my surgery in the UK because I told a GP he should not be prescribing insulin for type 2 diabetes.

  4. I have type 2 diabetes, blood pressure and now I have kidney failure. I do PD dialysis at home. I have to watch my potassium, phosphorus and sugar. It's hard to see what I should be eating. I have to give up on a lot of my favorite foods such as cheese, chocolate, avacado, tomato, potato and so much more.

  5. I was scanning my sensor before with the reader. For the last few months, I have been using Nightrider cgm with my Libre which helps me to monitor glucose readings on phone screen without needing to scan. it's great!

  6. Dr jason fung like your programma's very much i am a diabetic type2 for 33 years. I am a 63 years old i like to get off the metformin tablet 2x aday 500mg, 80mg Gliclazide
    1x day please help to get the guide how go eat in the best way to get off these medeicaion thanks very very good programma's Ranie

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