The New Fountain of Youth – Strength Training for Seniors

Dr. Sully returns to discuss why strength training is absolutely essential for seniors, and how…


20 thoughts on “The New Fountain of Youth – Strength Training for Seniors

  1. Now that I am in my 60s, I find my motivation and approach to weight training has changed. Thirty years ago, I worked out to look good for the ladies and now I work out so that my blood pressure and cholesterol looks good for my doctor. lol.

  2. I'm 68, have trouble with frozen shoulders so I do light weights, I just want to be toned, I still roof a bit and can keep up with the 30 year olds . However after the 4th day I'm tired . Only reason I can still work is I'm used to it, try packing 80 lbs bundles on a steep roof. Still have knees and back ok. I'm afraid to lift too much and get hurt . I walk every day. Everyone can do a little , until one gets old they have no idea. My dad used to say he needed half a hour to get out of bed in the morn.

  3. 72 in 2 months can still do pull ups with 45 lbs attached and 85 lbs chin ups for 5 to 6 reps young people at my gym tell me its not fair because i have old man strenght lol

  4. I am 74 and train with rings 2 days per week, swim 4 days. Twice a week I do 50 pull-ups and 75 push-ups. Just grind it all out as long as it takes.

  5. Hang on, hang on… all due respect. I'm 66 and love going to the gym and do my regular workouts. I'll skip the details for now… but seriously, what is up with what appears to me to be booze in the Dr.'s background?? and the skull ?? what am I looking at ?? I can see past that, but boy, talk about planting doubts… again much respect to the video producers, no hard feelings, please. Just innocent curiosity…

  6. 54 and just started a new style of strength training… strongman training. I still do heavy manual labor for my job and have been told that for “an old guy” I’m still strong. I believe that once we stop overloading our muscles they begin to waste away. Like the t-shirt says.. “ You don’t stop lifting weights because you get old, You get old because you stopped lifting weights”.

  7. Shame about the irritating, unnecessary bad background music that distracted from your brilliant, informative narrative.
    By the way, I am an 80 year old musician, who is stronger than many of my younger gym training fellows – and really looks forward to the re-opening of my Gym.

  8. I am 78 and have been swinging kettlebells for many years, besides the swing, I also do the rack and press, squat, and variations thereof. For me, kettlebells bring all the movements that can be done with a barbell. I am aiming to swings 16kg bell, and deadlift 24kg. During lockdown I only had a 10 and 16 kg bells to work with – a regulation 100 swings per day wins the goal.

  9. You top out pretty quickly with strength training. You can approach your max in 3-6 months, if trained properly. An older person, I'm 75, is dooming himself to failure with a progressive resistance program. All indicators of strength or fitness decline with age. The dogma of the gym should always be questioned as should all dogma. I've been around gyms for 45 years and I've seen too many joint replacements and health issues from seniors trying to do the impossible!

  10. The bottles of whisky and the ominous looking skull in the background – If that's not a message for those "aging" individuals watching this video, I don't know what is!!

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