The MOST AUDIBLE BONE CRACKS from a Chiropractic Session EVER! (How many can you hear?)

This video has potentially the most ASMR Cracks I have ever heard in my office. What do you think? Let me know down below in the comments! ❤️

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❤️ Dr Gabriele Benedetti | Located in Rome, Italy

Dr. Gabriele Benedetti is an Italian-Danish Osteopath / Chiropractor.

In his long course of studies, Gabriele has perfected 4 languages and obtained 3 degrees which include Science of Sport, Physiotherapy & Osteopathy.

In his videos, you will see him perform various Osteopathic / Chiropractic adjustments including many Neck Cracks, Back Cracks & Foot Cracks which helps relieve neck pain & back pain 😊

Disclaimer: Performed by a professional, do not try at home!

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